My Tremendous Respect For Micheal Bennett Has Grown

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Ladies and gentlemen as a African American I have seen too many brothas and sistas who obtain fame and money and then forget where they have come from quickly.

People like in my opinion Micheal Jordan and others.

Afraid to speak up on social issues, black on black crime, unarmed African Americans being shot by police and more!!

There are too many of my race who are afraid like Shaquille O’Neal. But one brotha who has obtained wealth but has not forgot his roots is Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett.

I have grown to respect Bennett and Lebron James and former guest on my program unsignd QB Colin Kaepernick and also our Seahawks Richard Sherman and have always respected big time Kareem Abdul Jabbar and of course the late great Muhammad Ali and Seattle area resident the great Bill Russell more than any other sport African American athletes. Micheal Bennett just signed a huge extension with our Seahawks.

But readers money and fame has not changed MB. Not at all. For this I have gained tremendous respect for Bennett. More than any other current sports star besides Lebron and Kap and Sherman.

Truth be told readers I have for some reason been blocked for what ever reason in obtaining a short interview with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman, who is another man who is not afraid to speak up on social issues. But what gets me mad is when I see Sherman and Wilson doing interviews with other media BUT not “Sports Inner City” Maybe one day it will happen. Seahawks are listening?

But NEVER has Micheal Bennett said no for a interview. Never! He always makes time for my interview. This I respect him for greatly ladies and gentlemen. MB is a man who has NOT forgot his roots.

MB takes time to go to schools in the inner city and talk to young kids about staying in school and getting a good education and staying off of drugs and staying out of gangs and more. Things as many of you know I discuss ON EVERY PROGRAM I HAVE PRODUCED SINCE 1990. Every guest is asked to speak to the youth as the last question.

This guy Bennett does not have to go talk to kids and speak out about Black Lives Matter or speak out in support of African American candidate for Mayor here in Seattle Nikita Oliver and yes, speak out in support of his friend QB Colin Kaepernick who as we know is not signed as a QB at the time I type this which is FLAT OUT WRONG!!

Others sit back and play and count their money and drive Mercedes and big boats etc. Yes MB most likely does that too BUT he makes time to give back. He is what you call A ROLE MODEL ladies and gentlemen.

Now we have this terrible problem in Las Vegas. Bennett was thrown to the ground by Vegas police. Saying he may be a suspect in a alleged shooting that turned out their was not a shooting. This incident happened after the Mayweather/McGregor fight in a casino.

Bennett did what any of you would do if he heard possible  gun shots…he took off.  Here is the question readers WHY did the Vegas police stop and treated MB in the way they did? Was he targeted because he was a huge black man with a “Muslim” looking beard well I say yes I think he was. I even think the Vegas police knew who MB was.

I say this because I just checked out this crazy statement by a police union in Vegas where this guy said in a statement that Bennett “disrespected” the American flag. This person said this of course because of Bennett refusing to stand for the anthem before Seahawks games.

This comment is just fanning the flames of this situation in Vegas. We black folks in America know about the mistreatment we have received by the police in America. We know about hundreds of African Americans who have been shot by police with NOT ONE BEING CONVICTED IN THE LAST 5 TO 10 YEARS. NOT ONE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BOYS AND GIRLS!

I am so happy Bennett was not added to the list of African Americans who have been shot and then a policeman or lady would serve ZERO time in prison.

This incident in Vegas will only make Micheal Bennett stronger AND ME stronger as a black man in racist America. MB does not know how he has effected me. When I see MB speaking it makes me happy to see a strong, intelligent African American NFL player and a leader in trying to make folks think about how African Americans and people of color are treated unjustly in America.

So I just  want to say a big THANK YOU to our Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett. A true African American man and role model and oh I forgot a damn good football player!!!

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