Colin Kaepernick Not Being Signed Is A Damn Shame!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

At the time I am typing this blog, QB Colin Kaepernick has not been signed by a NFL team. This is a outrage readers. A dirty shame and of course this falls at the feet of the all white NFL owners.

We all know what Kaepernick did. He took a knee numerous times during the national anthem before NFL games. As a result he is being blackballed by the NFL owners for his actions.

This is crazy!! This is nonsense!! This is wrong!! As a sports fan this really bothers me. And going online and reading comments by current and ex NFL players Kaepernick has a lot of support. A whole bunch of support all over the NFL and out!

Guys like Seattle Seahawk players Micheal Bennett and Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin think Kaepernick should have been signed by now and that he has been blackballed by the NFL owners, They are right!! What is going on with Kap is the epitome of racism by the NFL owners and exclusion by the NFL owners. These are JUST PURE STRAIGHT UP FACTS!!

Currently their are about 100 QB jobs in the NFL and you CANNOT tell me Colin Kaepernick is not better than 100 of these QBs. You just cannot readers. Something is very very wrong! Hell Mike Vick came out of prison as a damn felon and BAM in a month he had been signed as a QB!! So you want to tell me Kap is not worthy of being signed by a NFL team? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

I heard loudmouth clown Jason Whitlock on Fox Sports constantly put Kap on blast on tv. He needs to shut up and chillout! He and Ray Lewis are just flat out wrong!! They say Kaepernick is not ready to play football. WHAT?? What in the hell are they saying?

Are they watching Kap? Do they know where his workouts are and what he is doing at his workouts? HELL NO!! And look at Colin Kaepernick record last season. Throwing to no names on the 49ers. 16 TDs and 4 interceptions. Not bad ladies and gentlemen.  Again he was throwing to guys no one has heard of. But clowns like Whitlock and Lewis are not talking about this at all!! Future Hall Of Famer Ray Lewis sounded like a buffoon in his blasting of Kap.

Let’s look at the Ravens situation. They need a QB right now. There GM/head coach wants to sign Kap BUT their owner is blocking signing Kap!! This is crazy, this is wrong!! NFL owners are worried about fans turning on the team if they sign Kaepernick!

The Dolphins need a QB. Hell WHY IS THE NAME JAY CUTLER EVEN BEING BROUGHT UP! Except for one year with the Bears he has been basically terrible, not a leader and QB who has thrown hella interceptions!! OK a coach with the Dolphins helped Jay have his best year with the Bears. So what!! Does that mean Cutler should be signed and not Kap? Cutler is freakin RETIRED!!

As Hall Of Famer Mike Irvin said why is Cutler even being discussed over Kaepernick? Again this is crazy and wrong readers. There are plenty of no names who have not done a doggone thing in the NFL but they are in NFL training camps right now and Colin is not signed. Not signed because he took a stand for the benefit of African Americans and people of color being killed by police in the US.

NFL owners need to wake up and smell the coffee. The all white owners need to stop making a example out of Kap. Stop punishing Kap. Again if Mike Vick was signed as convicted felon for dog fighting A MONTH OUT OF PRISON, how come Colin Keapernick a QB who has led his team to the Super Bowl is on the sidelines? Give me a break!! SIGN COLIN KAEPERNICK!!

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