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Colin Kaepernick Not Being Signed Is A Damn Shame! »

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey At the time I am typing this blog, QB Colin Kaepernick has not been signed by a NFL team. This is a outrage readers. A dirty shame and of course this falls at the feet of the all white NFL owners. We all know what Kaepernick did. He took […]

NFL Teams Not Signing Kaepernick Is Ridiculous & Wrong! »

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey Readers I am really bothered as a sports fan about why QB and former guest on “Music Inner City TV” Colin Kaepernick (myself with Colin pic) has not been signed by a NFL team so far. I just do not understand. Ladies and gentlemen what is going on to […]

Seahawks Bennett Asks For Boycott Of Seattle Times »

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett has asked all his Seahawks players to boycott the Seattle Times and I do not blame him one bit!! Bennett is asking for the boycott after this guy Matt Calkins AGAIN puts a African American on blast in his articles in the Times sports section. […]

How On God’s Green Earth Is T.O. Not In Hall Of Fame? »

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey Readers something is very very wrong going on in sports. And that is certain people who do not like a person and because of that, they allow their negative feelings get in the way of the true facts. This is what is going on when it comes to NFL […]

Washington Huskies vs Alabama in Peach Bowl New Year’s Eve!! »

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey The University Of Washington football program has come a long long way since former head coach Ty Willingham was let go after going winless. Never in my wildest dreams that I thought the program would recover this quick. But guess what? They have sports fans. After the best record […]