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Jackie Robinson Day: A Wasted Day In Major League Baseball! »

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here) “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey Today as I type this blog is “Jackie Robinson Day” in Major League Baseball. WHAT A JOKE!! A wasted day. It upsets me as a sports fan when this day happens every year. I really does. As far as I am concerned […]

Division 1 College Baseball: Only 2.9% African American! Why? »

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here) I am a sports fan. I love basketball, football, track & field, boxing, tennis (when Serena and Venus are playing, golf (when Tiger is playing), and baseball. But I do have major problems with the sport of baseball. It is a sport that thinks it is still 1963. […]

The Marketing Of Baseball Is One Word: TERRIBLE!! »

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey I am a sports fan. I grew up watching football, basketball and baseball. I loved to watch all three sports. But though the years my love for the sport of baseball has went downhill. And I will explain to you why I feel this way readers. In the 70s, […]

Unfair Treatment Of Seattle Mariner Broadcaster Dave Sims »

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey This story has been building up and building up and now enough is enough in my opinion. It seems a lot of folks do not like the way Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Sims broadcasts games on TV/Radio. I am trying to figure out why? Some FYI. Dave Sims […]

Baseball Needs To Do Something About Three Hour Games »

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey I am a sports fan who loves sports. I grew up loving football, basketball and baseball. But as I get older my love for baseball has really decreased big time. I see young inner city kids turning away from the sport by age 12 or 13 to play only […]