Chris Paul Leaving The Clippers To Join Harden In H-Town

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Today is a NBA dream day for us fans. Big time breaking news and it is only June 28th for goodness sake! I go online like I always do to look for content for my websites and BAM!! Breaking news..Los Angeles Clippers star guard Chris Paul is traded to the Houston Rockets!

WOW this is huge news! Paul will team up with NBA All Star James Harden in Houston. Will this be a title for the Rockets I do not think so. The Rockets have to do more. Plus we have to see how Paul and Harden can run a offense on the court at the same time. Both are ball hogs. But Paul is Hall Of Fame type player so we have to see what happens.

The Rockets will send Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, DeAndre Liggins, Darrun Hillard, Montrezl Harrell, Klye Wiltjer, a top 3 protected 2018 1st round pic and $661, 000 to the Clippers in exchange for Paul.

That is a whole lot for Paul who is 33 years old with a lot of miles on his legs. We know it will be very very emotional for Paul to depart the Clippers. But I guess he said to himself he cannot win a title with the Clippers and has a better chance with Houston. But I am not feeling it. Unless the Rocket also obtain Paul George.

In my opinion, if he was going to leave the Clippers why not leave for the Spurs? I think that would have been a better look but anyway no more “Lob City” in L.A. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and Jordan. Of course the Clippers could have paid Paul MUCH more cash but Paul said “I’m out”

Let’s see what other moves the Rockets will make during the off season. Let’s see what the Clippers do to with Blake Griffin. More news to come NBA fans!!