No Diversity As Regular Hosts On Sportsradio KJR

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

For years I have spoken out about the lack of diversity on sports radio KJR here in Seattle. And I will continue until GM Rich Moore takes DIVERSITY serious. For which he is not.

In more than 26 years sports radio KJR has had a all white regular on air staff except for a few years when Jerry Brewer was hired. He was hired because of myself and former Seattle NAACP chairman and my good friend Carl Mack had meetings with KJR/KUBE 93 management regarding the lack of diversity and treatment of African Americans over the air.

But Carl left Seattle I was left alone on a island to monitor KJR. Sorry to say things have got worse. Like Carl Mack, Brewer obtained another job back east and left Seattle. And KJR went back to all white regular on air staff day and night. In the morning Mitch Levy, followed by Chuck and Puck, followed by Ian Furness and then Dave Mahler.

At night KJR has Fox Sports Radio on it’s station with more white hosts in Jason Smith and Ben Maller. ¬†Of course the all white hosts do a good job in blasting African Americans in the sports world at will hiding behind their microphones. They will say crap behind the microphone that of course they would NOT SAY IN THE BLACK MAN OR LADIES FACE!

The hosts on a regular basis put Seahawks Richard Sherman and Micheal Bennett on blast and other African Americans like Cam Newton. Hell, KJR even had a damn poll asking “Is Cam Newton A Asshole” Click the link below.