MLB Games Are Too Long And Boring

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Sports fans here is something that really bothers me big time. It is the length of a regular nine inning MLB game. Folks in my opinion something is very very wrong and the commissioner has to act on this problem right now.

Something is wrong with MLB games that last more than three and a half hours. It is a problem. I think I have some ideas that MLB needs to put in effect as quickly as possible. There needs to be a pitchers clock. Twenty seconds for the pitcher to pitch his next pitch to a batter. This will cut down on pitchers messing around on the mound etc. He can get the ball from the catcher and get ready for the next doggone pitch! A clock is needed!

Also here is another problem sports fans. Guys like our own Robinson Cano messing with his batting gloves EVEN WHEN HE TAKES A BALL!! Why is he and many other MLB players doing this? It is slowing down a already slow game.

Then their is another problem in my opinion. Too many visits to the mound by managers, pitching coaches and catchers to talk to a pitcher. It should be a limit to how many visits a team obtains each game. Also the four ball rule needs to go when a pitchers walks a batter on purpose.

The game of Major League Baseball is living in 1954. This is 2017!! Get rid of the “corny” 7th inning stretch where fans are asked to sing “America The Beautiful”  GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK!!  Get rid of it!! And now umpires take time from the game to look at a tight play. Something needs to be done about that too.

Young inner city African American kids are turning away from the slow and boring game of baseball by age 12. These are facts! Just go look at the make up of a high school team in any major city. The team is basically all white. Also look at college baseball. It is only 2.8% African American. Let me repeat..only 2.8% African American. This is sad. Look at the NCAA World Series. ALL WHITE TEAMS!

This is going on because young inner city kids think baseball is slow and boring. With players wearing their pants up to their knees etc. The commissioner of MLB needs to make immediate changes to the game if he plans on attracting young African American kids to the game. If not young African Americans will continue to turn to hoops and football by age 12 or 13. Sad folks.