Taking A Knee BEFORE The Anthem? Why?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Of  course we sports fans know Trump has started a huge story in his blasting of NFL players for protesting during the national anthem before NFL games. This story is everywhere.

Trump in my opinion is just flat out wrong! He continues to say that NFL players are disrespecting the flag and all the people who died for our country etc. He is just wrong! The people who agree with Trump are wrong also.

When former guest on “Music Inner City TV/Sports Inner City TV” QB Colin Kaepernick first started his protest it was and still is not about disrespecting the flag. It is about a number of things that effects the African American community/people of color.

Kap started his protest to let folks know about the mistreatment of African Americans and people of color by police in America. People need to realize that in the last 10 years NOT ONE policeman or lady has served ONE DAY in jail or prison for shooting African Americans/people of color. They are ALWAYS found not guilty and are allowed to go home to their families and have a steak or play golf or take a vacation. Meanwhile the African American or person of color they shot are six feet under or have a terrible memory or being shot. Many times for nothing at all but being black.

I am TIRED of hearing mainly white folks saying NFL players are disrespecting the flag by not standing for the anthem. This is pure BS readers. And truth be told I am sorry to say this situation shows one thing. It shows their is a HUGE racial divide in the U.S.

And as far as I am concerned, ALL African American players need to take a knee every game when the anthem is played to let American know and Trump know that we are tired of our race being treated wrong by the criminal justice system in America. To see a NFL player with his hand on his heart while other black men are taking a knee bothers me.

And readers I do not understand why certain teams have decided to take a knee BEFORE the anthem and then stand for the anthem and I just do NOT understand why. What is the point?

This is not proving nothing!! I sure hope our Seattle Seahawks with not follow other NFL teams in taking a knee before the anthem and not during the anthem. I know one person who will not do this is Micheal Bennett. I have grown to have major respect for Bennett and for him not being afraid to speak up and let everyone know his concerns about racism in America. He is unlike guys like Tiger Woods and Micheal Jordan. Who always stays silent on issues.

Finally, Trump (will NEVER call him President) is a lost person when it comes to race and racism. HE DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE ladies and gentlemen. Nor does he care. Look at his cabinet. Basically all white. Is this America? Trump thinks so!

Trump had no problem saying NFL players are SON OF A BITCHES!! BUT he took his sweet time in speaking out about white supremacists marching in Charlottesville and remember Trump said “There were good people” marching.  Many in the African American community think Trump is a racist and a bigot.

Remember the players who are protesting are mainly African Americans. Trump knows this and he is letting us in the black community know his true colors. Shout out to Kaepernick for starting the movement. Because of it, HE IS STILL UNSIGNED AS A QB IN THE NFL!! This is wrong. This is sad. Kap is better right now than MANY of the starting QBs in the NFL and better than most backups.

Shout out to our own Micheal Bennett and Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin making their voices heard about racism in America and also Head Coach Pete Carroll and is comments on the protests. For sure HUGE shout out to Bennett!! More stories soon on the NFL protests right here on “Sports Inner City Online” Thanks for your support!

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