Cannot Forget “Fried Chicken” Joke By Sergio Garcia

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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As a sports fan I watch sports on TV. Sometimes I may watch a event for only a few minutes but I will watch to see what is going on. Even golf for goodness sake if Tiger Woods is playing or if it is a big event like the Masters or U.S. Open.

I watched the Masters this year because 57 year old and Seattle native Fred Couples was on the leader board. Even on Sunday Couples was on the leader board. Amazing! And I noticed a fella I have not liked as a sports fan, Sergio Garcia was near the lead. He has never won a major title so I watched.

But truth be told I did not want Garcia to win. I wanted him to get beat by Justin Rose. Because I have not got over and will never get over the sorry to say racist comment he made at a event a few years ago regarding fried chicken. Read the link above.

Saying he is “sorry” ain’t enough for me readers. Because he said what he said. In my opinion the damage has been done and I not forgive him. Tiger did but I will not. Hell another PGA golfer, Zuzzy Zoeller made a similar racist “fried chicken” so called joke about Tiger Woods also. Also behind Tiger’s back. His career was never the same.

Because Garcia is so talented as a golfer he has continued to play well even after the Woods comments. Garcia is one of the best golfers in the world and has been for a long time. I was bothered by fans cheering for Garcia to win the Masters which he did. They did not know about the “fried chicken” comments about Tiger he made behind Tiger’s back. Nor did they care. I cared ladies and gentlemen.

I can care less if Garcia said he was sorry. I can care less if Tiger called Sergio to congratulate him for winning the Masters this year. That was real cool for Woods to do that. But I am sorry folks, Sergio saying he was sorry just did not and will not cut it for yours truly. Knowing how many African Americans are on the PGA Tour. Basically zero.

When I watched the Masters I searched for a black face and could no find one. The only African American I saw during the coverage if only for a little while was broadcaster Mike Tireco. That was it!! Not even any African American caddies!

Back in the day, the major stars like Jack and Arnold and Gary Player etc had African American caddies. When the money got big BAM their went the black caddies. I don’t understand why. Maybe someone can explain why this happened.

Ladies and gentlemen I have to bring these issues to the table when it comes to race. Because sports radio and other media will not. For sure not on sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle. I have to here on “Sports Inner City Online” and “Sports Inner City TV” and at “Music Inner City News Magazine” Please send me your comments at