Jackie Robinson Day: A Wasted Day In Major League Baseball!

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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Today as I type this blog is “Jackie Robinson Day” in Major League Baseball. WHAT A JOKE!! A wasted day. It upsets me as a sports fan when this day happens every year. I really does.

As far as I am concerned MLB should eliminate this day. Every year players on every team wear #42 on the uniforms the number Jackie Robinson wore his entire career. Again a damn joke! Mr. Robinson would not be happy if he knew here in 2017, only 7.1% are African American in MLB. Let me repeat only 7.1% African American players in MLB.

This is lowest amount of African Americans playing in MLB since 1958!! It is down from 8.1 in 2016. Down a full point ladies and gentlemen. This is not a good look!! Not a good look at all.

Yes last years draft had a good amount of young African Americans drafted. But who said they will make it to the big show or the major leagues. We do not know this will happen. Meanwhile a team like our Seattle Mariners has a grand total of ONE African American on the team. Future guest on “Sports Inner City TV”, Jarrod Dyson. No African Americans in the front office of the Mariners and zero African American coaches.

On “Jackie Robinson Day” here in Seattle, today’s game the Mariners vs. Rangers will have most likely ONE AFRICAN AMERICAN STARTING TOTAL!! Tremendously sad.

Readers a major problem is young African American kids turn to football/basketball by age 12. They think baseball is boring and slow. Which by the way they are right!! Games are lasting more than 3 hours so far this year. Just too damn long for a nine inning game. In my opinion and many others, their needs to be a 20 second pitch clock. Also most young African American kids CANNOT EVEN NAME MORE THAN TWO OR THREE AFRICAN AMERICAN PLAYERS IF THAT!!

But this is another story which I will tackle soon. Also another problem is young inner city kids do not see the few African American players in MLB on TV doing commercials on TV like NBA/NFL players. NONE WHAT SO EVER!!

When I watch future guest on “Sports Inner City TV” Dave Sims broadcast tonight’s game on Robinson Day, he will look at the crowd at Safeco Field here in Seattle and see very few African American faces. It will be about 99% White/Asian. Like going to a Republican Convention or a Utah Jazz game in Salt Lake City. By the way Sims is one of only a few African American lead broadcasters in all major sports in America.

Only 7.1% African American in MLB and down from 2016 a full point. This is a sad sad stat in my strong opinion. The RBI League AIN’T ENOUGH!! Knowing that a certain amount of African Americans were drafted AIN’T ENOUGH! Hell their is ONLY 2.8% African American playing college baseball. Only 2.8%!!

I am sure Hammering Hank and Frank Robinson and Willie Mays and Reggie Jackson and other African American players from the past cannot be happy with the amount of African Americans playing MLB. Folks I am NOT talking about people of color from South America. I am talking about African Americans.

“Jackie Robinson Day” in MLB IS A DAMN JOKE!! In my strong opinion. Truly sad.

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