Division 1 College Baseball: Only 2.9% African American! Why?

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I am a sports fan. I love basketball, football, track & field, boxing, tennis (when Serena and Venus are playing, golf (when Tiger is playing), and baseball.

But I do have major problems with the sport of baseball. It is a sport that thinks it is still 1963. When Frank and Brooks Robinson and Mickey Mantle and the great Willie Mays and Lou Brock was playing.

But last time I checked it is 2017. It is a sport that moves way way to slow or other words the games are to damn long. Sometimes a game can last three and half hours. Too long.

Here are some facts readers. Young African American kids do not give a damn about baseball by the age of 12 or 13. Other words just after little league age. They turn to football/basketball.

They think the sport of baseball is very boring and too slow. Unlike the sport of football and basketball. Which are fast moving sports. For sure in basketball. They see the high flying dunks great shooting in basketball and athletic plays and hits in the sport of football and they fall in love with both of the sports.

But inner city kids fall out of love with baseball. They see cats wearing baseball uniforms and their pants are up to their knees and they don’t think it’s “cool” They see pitchers taking forever to pitch and catchers making making many trips to the mound etc. Inner city kids see one word…boring.

Ladies and gentlemen when as a sports fan, I flip to the Pac 12 network who cover Pac 12 baseball and see basically all white teams it is shocking. I turn their not to watch the games but to monitor the diversity on various teams. I don’t see diversity. I just see white players. Again it is shocking!

Readers in Div 1 college baseball their is ONLY 2.9% African Americans playing the sport. Let me repeat folks. In Div 1 college baseball ONLY 2.9% African American are playing the sport.

There is another reason why African Americans are NOT playing baseball. In my next article I will give one man’s opinion concerning the lack of marketing of MLB. Shout out to Seattle Times sports reporter Larry Stone for forwarding a great article on the topic to me.

I respect Mr. Stone and also another reporter Shannon Dryer here locally. As well as Mariner broadcaster and a real nice fella Dave Sims. Very soon a guest on “Sports Inner City TV”. Another reporter Ryan Divish I do NOT respect. Which is another story!

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