Seth Jones: A New African American Star In The Sport Of Hockey

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Story on our Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins in the NFL playoffs coming up soon right here on “Sports Inner City Online”.

I saw this article when I went online to look for good stories of  “Sports Inner City Online.”  It is a story that will not be talked about a lot on ESPN or other sports outlets but it should.

Seth Jones is a young 18 year old fella who is the son of a former NBA player “Popeye” Jones.  What makes this story different is Seth is not following his daddy and playing basketball. He is playing hockey. That’s  right hockey. And he is very good at the sport.

He is so good he might become the first real African American star in the NHL. Of course right now the NHL is in a long lockout and half of the season will be missed soon but young Jones is not their yet. He is currently playing for the Portland Winter-Hawks in the Western Hockey League, right down the road from Seattle where I am right now.

Word is Seth maybe the first African American player to be drafted #1 in the NHL draft. He is that good readers. I don’t follow the sport of hockey at all but I may have to check out a few of Portland’s games since Jones is nearby. If he is drafted very high in the NHL draft I am sure that ESPN and other major sports outlets will take notice.

First of all the question is when will the NHL draft take place? We do not know when this lockout will end. But I guess in the meantime Seth Jones will continue to improve in the minor leagues and will look forward for the lockout to end and he can make his family proud by becoming a future star in the NHL. We here at S.I.C. will let you know what is going on.

Gordon Curvey

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