How Will Seattle Media Handle NHL Fights?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I watched the Seahawks vs Jacksonville game like many other Seahawks fans. Of course the Hawks loss 30-24 in Jacksonville. It was a very physical and rough game. That was for sure. Some say the refs called a terrible game.

Every time a Jacksonville player on D went after Russell Wilson and hit Russ I worry that Wilson will not get up like many other QB’s in the NFL. So far Russ continues to get up after a hard hit. In my opinion Russell Wilson should be the MVP if the vote was today.

They really did not suffer as far as the standings go because the Rams also lost. This sets up a big game at Century Link here in Seattle between the Seahawks and Rams. This the second meeting with the Hawks winning in L.A.  The Seahawks are now 8-5. But the Hawks suffered more injuries during the game with KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner leaving the game after getting hurt.

The Seahawks were already without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril on D. Jimmy Graham was barely targeted in the first half and even the second half. Yes he dropped another pass. And our FG kicker missed a easy 38 yard field goal. This should not happen sports fans!

The Seahawks are praying that Wright and Wagner can play vs. the Rams. Lord knows the Hawks do not need any more guys down. But we also know about what happened near the end of the game.

The Seattle sports media and the national sports media also said the Seahawks Micheal Bennett started a semi brawl near the end of the game in Jacksonville but here is the truth. Bennett did NOT start a semi-brawl. The sports media said Bennett rolled on a Jacksonville’s players knees. But that is not the truth readers. Bennett when after the football when Jacksonville’s center snapped the football to the QB. The video shows this is the case! Coach Carroll is supporting Bennett too.

But the media still put Bennett on blast. Saying he started a problem on the field. Sports radio KJR host Chuck Powell blasted Bennett over the air saying Bennett did this and he did that. Powell has put Bennett on blast before. It got me so upset a few months ago, I grabbed my keys and went to confront Powell face to face while he was doing a remote broadcast here in downtown Seattle. Powell was wrong then and was wrong this week.

Seattle’s sports media has discussed over and over about the “fight” near the end of the game. Saying how Bennett was wrong and how the Seahawks player was wrong for trying to go into the stands after a few crazy Jacksonville fans went threw stuff at the Seahawks player etc. Readers here is a question.

What is going to happen when the NHL rolls into Seattle to play in our new arena? Of course in the NHL, their are vicious fights on almost a daily basis on Sports Center on ESPN. Fists are flying, teeth are being knocked and blood is on the ice at NHL games. HELL most NHL players have lost a lot of teeth because of fights on the ice!! For some reason fighting is somehow “accepted” by the fans of the NHL. Are they ever called “thugs” like African Americans when they get into a problem on the courts or fields? A African American in the NFL or NBA can throw ONE PUNCH…..HE IS CALLED A “THUG” HELL NO!!

I wonder how the white hosts on KJR and 710 ESPN will handle the mainly white NHL players when they get into big fights on the ice? I cannot wait to see. This should be very very interesting.

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