Getting Tired Of Draymond Green’s Act

“One Man’s Opinion by Gordon Curvey


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I love to watch the Golden State Warriors play. Yes I do have a huge problem of Kevin Durant joining a already powerful team. KD just made them even stronger. They are a great great team.

Curry is one of best shooters ever in NBA history and Klay Thompson is also a great shooter and they have a great bench when the starters get tired. One of the starters is Draymond Green. Green is not a scorer but on this team he does not have to score. What he brings to the table is his defense and passing.

He is a very big piece of the Warriors and they would not be a great team without Green. He is a team leader and does not mind getting in teammates faces when they mess up (in his opinion). Green also brings something else to the table and it is not positive sorry to say ladies and gentlemen.

Green has huge temper problem on the court. Off the court word is he is a great dude. But on the court I am getting tired of Green’s act. Tired of seeing him whining and going off when he disagrees with a officials call on him.

He even will go off on his head coach Steve Kerr. He does not care. If his mom and dad were courtside and tried to cool him off heck I think he would go off on them for goodness sake! Green also has another problem. And that is kicking players in the private area and other parts of the body. This has to stop!

Watched the Warriors vs. Clippers game recently and Green kicked Blake Griffin in his shoulder. It was amazing nothing was called. I will tell you readers this. Draymond is lucky to be playing basketball in 2017. Because if Green was playing in the 80’s or 90’s he would have some serious problems. Cats like Charles Oakley or X-Man Xavior McDaniels or Patrick Ewing or the Bad Boys Detroit Pistons would retaliate with a quickness!! REAL TALK!!

There are a lot of “soft” players playing in the NBA right now. Not trying to condone violence BUT one night Green is going to kick the wrong player and he will pay for it. It is just a matter of time. He cannot continue to kick players over and over and over. He needs to realize this and realize it now.

Green has done great things with his foundation. He has gave ONE MILLION DOLLARS to his old school Michigan State to help build a new weight training facility on campus. That is a great move by Draymond. But I am just tired of seeing him whining and going completely off after a call and also watching him kick players. Take that away, Green is a great player for what he brings to the Golden State Warriors.

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