How On God’s Green Earth Is T.O. Not In Hall Of Fame?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Readers something is very very wrong going on in sports. And that is certain people who do not like a person and because of that, they allow their negative feelings get in the way of the true facts.

This is what is going on when it comes to NFL great Terrell Owens. It is a dirty shame that T.O. again was passed over for election into Pro Football’s Hall Of Fame. As a sports fan I am pissed off big time. This B.S. should not happen to Owens and who ever voted against T.O. should never have a vote again for election into the hall. Never!!

Look at the stats of Owens. Six Pro Bowls, five first team all pro, three times NFL receiving TD leader, NFL 2000 All Decade team, second in NFL HISTORY in career receiving yards with 15,934 and is third ALL TIME in receiving TDs with 153.

But because he is so called “controversial”, Hall Of Fame voters are holding this over T.Os head and for the second year in a row he is not going in the Hall joining LaDainian Tomlinson, Terrell Davis, Jason Taylor, Kurt Warner, Morten Anderson, Jerry Jones and former Seattle Seahawk player Kenny Easley. I am in Seattle so I am very happy for Kenny!

But I am sad for Owens. It is just unfair when it is as obvious as two left shoes that he should be in the Hall Of Fame! And for anyone to say he should not be must be on crack!

T.O. said after being passed over for the second time he does not care anymore. But come on folks…he cares. Terrell because eligible for the Hall last year. He should have been a first year member readers. Just a dirty shame this has happened to Owens. But in my mind, he is a member of the Hall Of Fame. Just look at his stats. Enough said.

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