Penny Hardaway Doing A Lot After The NBA

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When I ran across this article about “Penny” Hardaway it put a big smile on face because it is the kind of story I like to write about here on “Sports Inner City Online” A very positive story.

To many times you sports fans read about African Americans and people of color in the NFL and NBA and elsewhere in trouble. In trouble with drugs or hitting his wife and getting behind in child support etc. There is not enough positive information about what current players or past players are doing in the community to help the youth etc. We need more POSITIVE stories written because we are not all THUGS.

Above is a article about a former star in the NBA who is know making a difference once he left the courts of the NBA. For you young readers, Penny was a great NBA player. He even had a doll called “Little Penny” that was very popular in TV commercials etc.

Guys like Penny and Mayor Kevin Johnson, Shaq, Micheal Jordan, Reggie Jackson, Ray Lewis, David Robinson, Shawn Kemp, GaryPayton, Eric Metcalf, Warren Moon, LeBron James, Torii Hunter and of course Magic Johnson and many other former and current starts who are people of color are giving back to the community and are making a difference.

What Penny is doing now is great. The media needs to discuss more positive stories on people of color in the sports word. We here at “Sports Inner City Online” will try to do jut that.    Gordon Curvey