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Washington Huskies vs Alabama in Peach Bowl New Year’s Eve!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

The University Of Washington football program has come a long long way since former head coach Ty Willingham was let go after going winless. Never in my wildest dreams that I thought the program would recover this quick. But guess what? They have sports fans.

After the best record in almost 20 years the Huskies finished with a 12 and 1 record and a Pac-12 title and finally a place in the College Football Playoffs!! WOW! This is unreal!! And all U-Dub fans are thrilled to death.

But guess who the Huskies have to play on New Years’s Eve? Oh oh..the #1 team in the land, the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. They are a great team on both sides of the ball. A “professional team” that happens to be a college team. The Huskies will have to play a perfect game to beat Alabama. They will be playing near their home so they will have plenty of Alabama fans in the stands.

Washington ranked #4 on latest poll behind Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson. The were ahead of Penn State who beat Wisconsin in a big time comeback. People are already saying the Crimson Tide are overwhelming favorites to repeat as the national champs.

Some say Washington has the chance to beat Alabama even if Alabama were rarely tested during the regular season. UW QB Jake Browning is no joke and he led a team that this season had just one game, a 26-13 loss to Southern Cal that they did not score less than 31 points. In the last two games, both wins, U-Dub beat top 25 teams in Colorado and Washington State by a combined score of 86-27.

And Washington’s D ranks fourth nationally in yards allowed per play and is tied for eighth in points allowed per game. All this could give the powerful Alabama team some trouble sports fans. I guess we in Seattle can only hope.

Truth be told Alabama is strong everywhere except maybe their field goal kicker. But everywhere else they are strong. Professional type players everywhere. Of course for the Huskies to win they CANNOT have turnovers and cannot have forced turnovers. This cannot happen if they want to be Alabama on December 31st in the ATL.

For the Huskies to pull the upset, Peterson has to have a strong game and hopefully the game breaker long passes to his speedy wideouts will open up the running game. And of course the defense has to have a extremely effective game. This could happen readers. A lot of the nation has not seen the University Of Washington Huskies play. They have not been on national TV to much like Alabama has been. Fans will see a great college team in our Washington team. Will be back with more news and views on the upcoming game right here on Seattle, Washington based “Sports Inner City Online”


The Marketing Of Baseball Is One Word: TERRIBLE!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I am a sports fan. I grew up watching football, basketball and baseball. I loved to watch all three sports. But though the years my love for the sport of baseball has went downhill. And I will explain to you why I feel this way readers.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s and even early in the decade of 2000, the amount of African Americans playing Major League Baseball  has decreased big big time. Back in the day MLB had Reggie Jackson, George Foster, Ken Griffey Jr, Joe Morgan, Andre Dawson, Ricky Henderson, Dave Parker, Vida Blue, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Chris Chambliss, Lou Brock, big Willie McCovey, Willie Stargell,  and on and on and on. Now there are very few African American stars playing.

The question is why? What is going on now is young African American kids are turning to football and basketball by age 12 or 13 or 14. These are facts. If you don’t think I am right go check out a high school baseball game in any major city in the US and look at who is playing on the teams. It is not young African American youth. It is white kids on the teams.

And the same for college teams. Basically all white college teams. Heck even the fans at MLB games are all white. Chris Rock in his great HBO piece called black baseball fans “a endangered species”. You can go to You Tube to watch Chris Rock’s piece on how white baseball has become on and off the field in his opinion. I agree with Rock’s opinion.

Some say baseball like golf is a game for rich. And this may turn away African American athletes and spectators. Check this out readers and it is shocking to me as a sports fan. The Boston Red Sox in 2016 had Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., David Price and Chris Young on it’s roster. The most African Americans on any team in baseball. To me this is a problem.

Only 8% of MLB is African American in 2016. The amount of African Americans playing in MLB has dropped nearly 10% in the last 30 years. In 1986 for instance, MLB was 18.3% African American. Young inner city African American kids do not see the few African American players that star in MLB on TV doing commercials like NBA/NFL players. Young black kids turn on TV and see KD, CP3, D-Wade, Melo, Shaq, Barkley, Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, James Harden, Lebron, Russell Westbrook, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Paul George, Anthony Davis, DeAndre Jordan, Cam Newton and Curry and more doing commercials.

I cannot see one MLB player doing commercials for Buick or Burger King of McDonalds or Microsoft or Wendys or Nike or Under Armour etc. The question is why? I see this as a problem but is obvious MLB management does not give a damn. There marketing SUCKS!!! Baseball thinks we are in 1948. This is 2016. The NFL and NBA has reached the “hip-hop generation”. Baseball STILL has the “corny” 7th inning stretch where the corny “America The Beautiful” is played.

When you watch a game on TV, for instance a game here in Seattle at Safeco Field, the Root TV camera ALWAYS point to a white kid and dad in the stands. The kid has his glove and is having a hot dog or cotton candy. Well readers Root TV does not show a African American family for one reason. WE ARE NOT THERE!!

Baseball has shown the African American community they do not care about us. Unlike the NBA and NFL. This is truly truly sad. I am shocked that MLB obtains the crowds they get year after year. It is beyond me how this happens but it does year after year.

Personalities? MLB players do not have that. One that did is retired. His name was “Big Papi” David Ortiz. Of course Ortiz is not African American but he is a person of color. Listening or watching a interview with a baseball player is like watching a house being painted and watching it dry. BORING BORING BORING!! NBA and NFL players have personalities. This is why they do marketing of products of businesses all over the nation and even the world. Heck a player with Toronto got blasted for flipping his bat after hitting a homer.

One dude said the player “disrespected the game” SAY WHAT? Give me a break readers!! A player “disrespected the game of baseball because he had the nerve to flip his bat after hitting a game winning home run. That is crazy!!

Young inner city African American kids cannot name ONE member of the champs Chicago Cubs. Heck they can barely name any MLB player. But a 12 or 13 or 14 year old black kid can tell you what school Curry went to or Lebron’s scoring average or how many rebounds Dwight Howard is getting a game. Or how many yards Shady MaCoy out last game or did Sherman obtain a interception last game.

Baseball has to do something to make the game quicker. More hip. They have to realize this is 2016 not 1948 if they want to attract young African Americans youth again. Grab the hip-hop generation like the NBA and NFL does. Have Wiz or Lil Wayne or Drake or Beyonce or Rihanna do some commercials for MLB. Or Wale or Usher or another hip-hop or r&b or pop performer. Not a country or rock performer ladies and gentlemen.

The game of baseball has turned into something like a college fraternity. Or the Republican Party. Very few African Americans in sight. Due to baseball and yes golf being kind of a “rich game” sort of speak, it might be why young black kids head to the gym or nearby park and shoot hoops. Basketball is more accessible in urban area of America also.  Young kids grow up wanting the latest Jordan sneakers.

Also something important is this. Along with football, basketball can offer if you are good enough full college scholarships. Baseball players in college do not offer full rides. These are facts folks.  Most black kids are not born with a “silver spoon” in their mouths” like a lot of white kids.

Does MLB care about the declining amount of African American players? Do they care about the all white crowds going to games? By the way the Mariners just traded young Mr. Walker and now the team has a grand total of ZERO African American players as of now. Man….the only African American with the parent team is my friend Mariner broadcaster Dave Sims. No African American players, no African Americans in the front office and no African Americans with the AAA team in Tacoma. Something is wrong. The team drafted a young brotha as their #1 draft choice but we do not know when he make it to the pros.

Finally, baseball is HUGE in the Caribbean and Latin culture which is just not happening here in America. Young kids in those countries will do anything to learn and play the game. They use branches of of trees as bats or roll up paper or other materials to use as the baseball to play a game. Cubans will risk everything by getting on a terribly built so called boat to leave Cuba for the US to play the game they love and make money if they are good. Which a lot of them are.

The management of baseball needs to stop the image of white supremacy when it comes to the sport. Young black kids in the inner city need more than some weak RBI League and the Reviving Of Baseball In Inner Cities programs. It is great that 16% of the players drafted in the baseball draft in 2016 were African American.

As a sports fan I want to more than 69 African American players on major league rosters out of 862 that were on Opening Day rosters. 69 African American players on the opening of the baseball season in 2016 is depressing as a sports fan. I hope these numbers will go up quickly. Because as of now I do not see MLB trying hard enough to attract young African American kids. I will be doing more stories on this topic soon.

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Lebron James Upset At Phil Jackson For Using the Word “Posse”

ARTICLE FROM abcnews.com (Full story click here)

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One thing for sure readers, Lebron James is no one to mess with. He is more than a NBA player and has shown just that. He wants to make a change off the court too in the business world. He wants to be the first billionaire while still playing in the NBA.

And he is well on his way ladies and gentlemen. He has a production company which already has a new program airing on CNBC. And has much more going on off the court but the legendary Phil Jackson made a HUGE mistake in the word he used to describe Lebron James business associates which include his friends he grew up with in Akron, Ohio like Maverick Carter and others.

Jackson used the word “posse” in talking about Lebron’s business associates in a recent conversation. James is not happy with Jackson in using that word. And I do not blame him what so ever. Why did Jackson use that word? Yes, James highly respects Jackson. We all know he is a basketball legend with many many rings on his hands from winning NBA titles with the Knicks, Lakers and Bulls. But the question is again, why did Phil use the word “posse”?

I feel like Lebron feels. IF James was white and has set up companies making millions of dollars and is being ran by this childhood friends, would Jackson have used that word? Let’s keep it real folks. HE WOULD NOT!! Jackson would not have used that word. I am with James and Maverick Carter. I heard a interview with James and Carter today and they are both upset at Phil Jackson.

Phil Jackson should say he is sorry and explain why he used the word “posse”. I have changed my views on Jackson after this. I do still highly respect him as a basketball icon but he needs to realize that Lebron James is a young man along with Carter who is making moves. James is making moves on the court and with the help with Carter and his other business associates are doing a “full court press” off the court business wise.

Gordon Curvey

Kaela Carpenter’s Apology Is Not Enough For Richard Sherman

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

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Ladies and gentlemen with the election of Donald Trump as your President (not mine), it shows the African American community that racism is alive and well in America and we are living in a VERY VERY divided country sorry to say.

Well another form of racism happened this week. As sports fan know, our Seattle Seahawks played the Bills on MNF on ESPN. It was great game for once. Near the end of the game Seahawks Richard Sherman was involved in a play where he rushed in to try block a FG try by Bills kicker Dan Carpenter. There was a problem.

It is for sure Sherman jumped off sides in his rush to block the kick by Carpenter. Some say Sherman play was “dirty” and that he went for Carpenters knees. Here is where things went real downhill. Because Dan Carpenter’s lady, Kaela Carpenter decided to get on Twitter and leave one of the most racist tweets I have seen.

You see the pic here that made part of her tweet. Basically saying Richard Sherman should be lynched and he is ANIMAL. When I saw her tweet I just could understand WHY she would make a tweet like this.

Yes I can understand her supporting her man, but she stepped WAY WAY over the line into flat out and pure racism. Her tweet kaela-carpenter-tweetshows me again that racism is alive and well in America. At first Sherman took the high road, but after he saw the support he obtained from many people he decided to make his feelings heard.

He for sure made his feelings heard after Kaela Carpenter went online again on Twitter and TRIED to say what her racist tweet was really about. She failed big time in her explanation. This is for sure readers.

She said the following:

My attempt at humor during a heated and highly controversial NFL game has not been received the way I intended. When I saw the out of control nature of the events that happened on the field, I jokingly wanted to relate it to life on the farm, where I grew up, and how it would have been handled there. Unfortunately, I did not realize that a tone of racism would dominate the response to what I intended to be a lighthearted defense of my husand. Regardless of the narrative that has been attached to my post, it has never intended to be related to race, or the disgusting hatred that creates the basis for racism.”

SAY WHAT? Did she really use the word “jokingly” in her so called “apology”. And she bring up “life on the farm” GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK KAELA!! She does not realize the extreme racism she threw down with the pic she made part of her tweet relating the pic to the castrating of black men as punishment that happened to black men during Jim Crow days.

SHE SHOULD HAVE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING BEFORE SHE MADE THAT TWEET!!! PERIOD!!! Kaela Carpenter needs to make a REAL APOLOGY IMMEDIATELY to Richard Sherman and the African American community.

Sherman said her so called apology is “BS” HE IS 100% RIGHT!! And he also said folks hide behind there PC’s and make tweets and say negative things that they would NOT say in folks face. That is real talk. You see Sherman is a real brotha from the Compton who by the way has a hairstyle many white folks do not like. This brotha is from a family that had a mom and dad in the household. He also went to Stanford and has NEVER been in trouble with the law. By the way I have met Sherman’s mom and dad this past summer at Sherman’s celebrity softball game.

He has this game every year to help kids though the Richard Sherman Foundation. Which is doing great things in the community but Kaela Carpenter decided to take the very very low road in defense of her husband with that racist tweet and her non apology.

So as I said readers, the racist tweet by Kaela Carpenter and the election of Donald Trump shows racism is alive and well in American readers and it is very sad.

Finally, I am deeply disappointed in a fella named Tony Softli who is a African American and a former executive in the NFL. He is currently on the payroll of sports radio KJR here in Seattle. A station I have spoke out about for years for their lack of exclusion of African Americans as regular hosts. It is still a problem. The station has only had ONE regular host that was African American in it’s more than 25 years on the air, Jerry Brewer.

Softli is on the air from time to time on KJR to discuss the Seahawks and the NFL. I had built up respect for him because of his knowledge of the game of football and the NFL. But my respect if gone now. When I first saw the racist pic by Kaela Carpenter I was SHOCKED! I just did not believe anyone would do such a thing. The first person I thought about calling was Tony.

Well that was a huge mistake. I knew he would be on KJR regular host Chuck Powell’s program to discuss the Bills-Seahawks Monday night game and the play by Sherman would be discussed. I told Softli about the tweet by Carpenter. I thought he would be shocked as black man like I was. I WAS WRONG!! Softly asked me “Why are you telling me this”? When he asked me that I was speechless. I asked Softli if he would discuss the tweet by Carpenter on the air. He said he would not unless Powell brought it up on the air. I was very very shocked and disappointed in Softli.

Tony then basically rushed me off the phone and then HUNG UP IN MY FACE!!! Let me repeat…HUNG UP IN MY FACE!! This is a African American who I tried to have a discussion with about this tweet by Carpenter and put me off the phone and asked me why I am calling him!!

In my opinion, Tony Softli forgot he is a black man in racist America. To me this cat was worried about staying on the payroll at KJR. Pure and simple. BUT readers, other sports jocks on KJR and the rival 710 ESPN who happen to be white brought up the racist tweet by the kicker of the Bills wife. BUT the black man Tony Softli just brushed it off like it did not happen.

Also Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on ESPN “First Take” discussed Carpenter’s tweet two days in a row. Colin Cowherd discussed it also two days in a row on FS1. “NFL Live” on ESPN discussed it. And of course it was discussed all over the internet on sports sites. BUT Tony Softli decided to show a no care attitude and just moved on and hung up on me.

His actions are basically just like Gee Scott on 710 ESPN here in Seattle. A African American who is afraid to talk race on the air and the question is why? And by the way, Scott would not be on the air on 710 if not for me speaking with GM Dave Pridemore and PD Mike Salk regarding having a African American on the air on a regular basis.

I sent a text at 710 about a issue and Scott CALLED ME EVERY NAME ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. And not only that, put a block on me on Facebook, Twitter and email!! Yes this AFRICAN AMERICAN did that to me. A PERSON WHO SPOKE OUT SO HE CAN NOW HAVE HIS OWN PROGRAM, HAVE A NICE PAYCEHCK ETC. Gee Scott was washing feakin cars and doing a podcast online before he was hired. This cat HAS TOTALLY FORGOT HOW HE GOT HIRED!!!! AND WHO HELPED HIM GET HIRED!!!

So it seems in my opinion, Tony Softli and Gee Scott have forgot they a black man in racist America. Look at the new President, look at the tweet by Kaela Carpenter for instance. Look at the stance by QB and former guest on “”M.I.C-TV” Colin Kaepernick ladies and gentlemen. YES… Tony and Gee, racism is alive and well in American. Hey ask Richard Sherman!!

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