Disappointed In NBA All Star Weekend As A NBA Junky

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

If you happen to know me you would know I am a NBA and basketball junky. I love the game of basketball. It is by far my favorite sports. I was even kind of good playing the game.

I started loving the game as a kid growing up here in Seattle, Washington. Going to Seattle Sonics games and watching NBA games on TV and going to the store and buying basketball magazines. Cutting out pics and putting them on my wall wishing I could be like them when I get older.

My basketball game got better after being cut every year at Roosevelt High and Shoreline C.C.  I kept playing everyday at the playground and at local gyms. Working on my shot. I became a very good shooter. Had a rep as a good shooter in the community here in Seattle. It is what I hate about getting older and the loss of my right lung due to pneumonia. Cannot play the game of basketball like I did before. I have dreams about hoopin!

So again I just love the game. I look forward to the NBA season every year. When the season ends I am depressed as a sports fan. Thank god for NBA TV! And I look forward to the NBA All Star Game every year. The three point contest and Skills Challenge and of the course the dunk contest.

Last year the dunk contest was great Levine from here in the Seattle area winning. This year the dunk contest and the whole weekend was a disappointment in my opinion. Really no excitement. Glenn Robinson III dunk was a really really good but it did not make up for my disappointment. Something needs to be done to make the dunk contest better.

How about the players in the dunk contest represent a charity? Hell, do these multi millionaires need the dollars they get they obtain from being in the dunk contest? HELL NO!! Also some of the “stars” of the NBA need to be in the dunk contest!!

Instead of guys like Derrick Jones Jr. who no has heard of and a cat who has played a few minutes in the NBA!! Come on give me a break!! Lebron James never entered the dunk contest. Dr. J did, Kobe did, “The Human Highlight Film” Wilkens did, my good friend and Seattle area resident Shawn Kemp did and others took part.

Next year how about John Wall or one of the young Lakers enter? How about Russell Westbrook being in the dunk contest? How about Gordon Haywood or Damian Lillard? This is what needs to happen to make the dunk contest great again. The commissioner Adam Silver should try to make this happen.

I want to see a exciting NBA All Star weekend. Including the game. This year’s game featured absolutely ZERO defense and I mean ZERO readers!! The players were not giving one ounce of effort to playing anything near D. There were 75 dunks for goodness sakes!! I know Dr. J sitting at court side liked all the dunks but how about another Seattle area resident the great Bill Russell who by the way recently celebrated his 83rd birthday. Do you think he enjoyed seeing the young fellas playing ZERO D while he sitting courtside? I do not think so.

Yes the ratings were good but as a NBA fan I want to see a exciting NBA All Star game and Dunk Contest. Hope next year changes will be in effect to make it exciting all of the NBA junkies like me.

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How On God’s Green Earth Is T.O. Not In Hall Of Fame?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Readers something is very very wrong going on in sports. And that is certain people who do not like a person and because of that, they allow their negative feelings get in the way of the true facts.

This is what is going on when it comes to NFL great Terrell Owens. It is a dirty shame that T.O. again was passed over for election into Pro Football’s Hall Of Fame. As a sports fan I am pissed off big time. This B.S. should not happen to Owens and who ever voted against T.O. should never have a vote again for election into the hall. Never!!

Look at the stats of Owens. Six Pro Bowls, five first team all pro, three times NFL receiving TD leader, NFL 2000 All Decade team, second in NFL HISTORY in career receiving yards with 15,934 and is third ALL TIME in receiving TDs with 153.

But because he is so called “controversial”, Hall Of Fame voters are holding this over T.Os head and for the second year in a row he is not going in the Hall joining LaDainian Tomlinson, Terrell Davis, Jason Taylor, Kurt Warner, Morten Anderson, Jerry Jones and former Seattle Seahawk player Kenny Easley. I am in Seattle so I am very happy for Kenny!

But I am sad for Owens. It is just unfair when it is as obvious as two left shoes that he should be in the Hall Of Fame! And for anyone to say he should not be must be on crack!

T.O. said after being passed over for the second time he does not care anymore. But come on folks…he cares. Terrell because eligible for the Hall last year. He should have been a first year member readers. Just a dirty shame this has happened to Owens. But in my mind, he is a member of the Hall Of Fame. Just look at his stats. Enough said.

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Yo Sage Steele What Is Your Problem?

ARTICLE FROM businessinsider.com (Full story click here)

DANA POINT, CA – OCTOBER 09: Sage Steele speaks onstage at the 2013 espnW: Women + Sports Summit at St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort on October 9, 2013 in Dana Point, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

I was flat out shocked to read about Sage Steele online today. Before I go there, I used to have respect for Steele. A beautiful sista who moved up the ladder at ESPN over the years. A lady who has served her dues in the male dominated sports media world. We all know it is male dominated.

Flat out wondering what happened to her when I watched the NBA coverage on ESPN and ABC with Jalen Rose and Phillips and sometimes Magic. Another lady who I happen to also like Michelle Beadle had took her place.

Then all of a sudden she was on the coverage of last weekends game on ABC. Again I like both Steele and Beadle. Then BAM!! I went online today and saw the headlines concerning Sage Steele and her whining about her travel plans to Houston and the Super Bowl. GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK SAGE!!

Sage got on Twitter and whined about her travel plans being put on hold because of Trumps (will never ever call him President) travel ban on Muslim countries and the protests at airports.

Poor Sage! Her comments on Twitter are the perfect description of a very arrogant individual!! Who does she think she is readers? Poor Sage could not get her plane to the Super Bowl. Meanwhile families were crying and upset that their kids, their grandmothers or mothers or Uncles and Aunts could not be reunited because of the unfair travel ban by Trump.

I do not blame people on social media for putting Steele on total blast!! She should be. But last time I checked, she is not backing down on her feelings about her travel plans!!

Lost total respect for Sage Steele and more respect for Michelle Beadle. She seems to be a very down to earth lady who knows sports and has a good relationship with guys on “Sportsnation” and “NBA Countdown” etc. I don’t care if I ever see Sage on ESPN or ABC again! Real talk. I don’t care about her damn travel plans to the Super Bowl. Do you think families waiting for love ones from overseas care about Sage? HELL NO!!

Gordon Curvey

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“Sports Inner City TV” Webcast/Topics: Cam Newton, Micheal Bennett & More

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“Sports Inner City TV” webcast (different webcast than “S.I.C-TV/NBA” webcast). Topics includes Cam Newton and why media does not discuss the positive community work he does, University Of Washington loss to Alabama, Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett new contract and more.

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Washington Huskies vs Alabama in Peach Bowl New Year’s Eve!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

The University Of Washington football program has come a long long way since former head coach Ty Willingham was let go after going winless. Never in my wildest dreams that I thought the program would recover this quick. But guess what? They have sports fans.

After the best record in almost 20 years the Huskies finished with a 12 and 1 record and a Pac-12 title and finally a place in the College Football Playoffs!! WOW! This is unreal!! And all U-Dub fans are thrilled to death.

But guess who the Huskies have to play on New Years’s Eve? Oh oh..the #1 team in the land, the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. They are a great team on both sides of the ball. A “professional team” that happens to be a college team. The Huskies will have to play a perfect game to beat Alabama. They will be playing near their home so they will have plenty of Alabama fans in the stands.

Washington ranked #4 on latest poll behind Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson. The were ahead of Penn State who beat Wisconsin in a big time comeback. People are already saying the Crimson Tide are overwhelming favorites to repeat as the national champs.

Some say Washington has the chance to beat Alabama even if Alabama were rarely tested during the regular season. UW QB Jake Browning is no joke and he led a team that this season had just one game, a 26-13 loss to Southern Cal that they did not score less than 31 points. In the last two games, both wins, U-Dub beat top 25 teams in Colorado and Washington State by a combined score of 86-27.

And Washington’s D ranks fourth nationally in yards allowed per play and is tied for eighth in points allowed per game. All this could give the powerful Alabama team some trouble sports fans. I guess we in Seattle can only hope.

Truth be told Alabama is strong everywhere except maybe their field goal kicker. But everywhere else they are strong. Professional type players everywhere. Of course for the Huskies to win they CANNOT have turnovers and cannot have forced turnovers. This cannot happen if they want to be Alabama on December 31st in the ATL.

For the Huskies to pull the upset, Peterson has to have a strong game and hopefully the game breaker long passes to his speedy wideouts will open up the running game. And of course the defense has to have a extremely effective game. This could happen readers. A lot of the nation has not seen the University Of Washington Huskies play. They have not been on national TV to much like Alabama has been. Fans will see a great college team in our Washington team. Will be back with more news and views on the upcoming game right here on Seattle, Washington based “Sports Inner City Online”