Washington’s Markelle Fulz #1 Choice In NBA Draft

“One Man’s Opinion” By Gordon Curvey

As a basketball junky I am happy as hell to see the University Of Washington’s own Markelle Fulz being chosen #1 by the Philadelphia 76ers. It is a dream come true for the young fella.

At 6-4 he has all the skills to become a superstar in the NBA. Of course he has hops and a outside shot out to the three point range. He is also a good passer. He will have to work on his D in the NBA and that is for sure. At times truth be told Fulz looked lost on defense at the U-Dub. Then again sorry to say in my opinion a lot of players looked lost under former head coach Lorenzo Romar.

At the University Of Washington, Markelle’s UW team last year won only nine games. This is not a good thing but that is in the past for the young fella. He is in the NBA now. But I have to say a little more about former head coach Romar.

Readers it is amazing to me that Romar recruited a lot of really good top NBA draft choices at the U-Dub.  That includes Brandon Roy, Isaiah Thomas, Dejounte Murrey, Marquese Chriss, Nate Robinson, Tony Wroten and Terrence Ross. BUT the UW has not had NCAA Tournament experience lately. This is AMAZING as to why this has happened. I just do not understand.

Of course Romar was fired and is now a assistant at Arizona. Coach Romar is a great man and his players came back to obtain their degrees but he just did not lead University Of Washington teams with loads of NBA level talent anywhere.

So let’s see how young Markelle Fulz will do in the NBA. I loved to watch the young fella play. There is no doubt in my mind he will be a great NBA player. One thing for sure the 76ers have plenty of the line young talent. People in Philly are now talking playoffs. If their top young players stay injury free it will be a very interesting season in Philly.

NFL Teams Not Signing Kaepernick Is Ridiculous & Wrong!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Readers I am really bothered as a sports fan about why QB and former guest on “Music Inner City TV” Colin Kaepernick (myself with Colin pic) has not been signed by a NFL team so far. I just do not understand.

Ladies and gentlemen what is going on to Kaepernick is just plain wrong. Now I do not know if Colin is asking for a lot of money or if he wants to start for a team and not be a backup. What ever the reason is he is still waiting for a team to sign him. Who will it be? I saw the NY Giants will not be one of them.

Not only have racists fans made their voices heard but the owner too. This is truly truly sad. Folks you cannot tell me that Colin Kaepernick is better than MANY QBs that have signed with teams this off season. And not only that, you cannot tell me that Colin is not better than MANY QBs that are starting for a NFL team. This is a fact!

Has Kaepernick been blackballed by NFL owners? HELL YES!! What else can you call this? Kaepernick is talented and ONLY 29 YEARS OLD!! Come on sports fans. You can see what is REALLY going on. Colin Kaepernick has been blackballed by the all white and old NFL owners who most likely voted for Trump.

As we know Trump spoke out of course via Twitter about Kaepernick and  his protest for the benefit of people of color in America. These old and white NFL owners are billionaires and conservatives.

I agree our with ourSeattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett that Kaepernick should be signed by a NFL team and might of fact why not the Seattle Seahawks sports fans? But truth be told I just want to see Colin Kaepernick signed by ANY team. For him not being signed by a team here in June is crazy and ridiculous!!

Seahawks Bennett Asks For Boycott Of Seattle Times

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett has asked all his Seahawks players to boycott the Seattle Times and I do not blame him one bit!! Bennett is asking for the boycott after this guy Matt Calkins AGAIN puts a African American on blast in
his articles in the Times sports section.


This guy Calkins seems to have a problem with outspoken, intelligent African American men like Bennett and team member Richard Sherman and other black men.

I hope ALL the Seahawks will follow Bennett and not do interviews with the Seattle Times BUT not only that not do interviews on 710 ESPN and sports radio KJR here in Seattle.

These guys on 710 and KJR and the Times do not give a damn about African American athletes. They just want to put them on blast at a drop of a hat!


To support African American sports stars. Hopefully some badly needed $$ can be put into my business as far as a angel investor or a major sponsor.

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MLB Star Adam Jones Called The “N” Word In Boston

ARTICLE FROM si.com (Full story click here)

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Below is a email I sent out to various people in the media here in the Seattle/Tacoma area regarding former Seattle Mariner and now Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones.

Who was called the “N” word and fans tossed peanuts at him in a game in Fenway Park in Boston. Truly truly sad readers. Pic of myself and Adam here.


Good afternoon everyone. Gordon Curvey here. First of all I want to say thanks for your support through the years. Yes I had a problem a little while ago when I was tossed out of Safeco but that is water under the bridge.

  • But the water has not went under the bridge when it comes to what I strongly believe is sad to say racism in MLB. And the above article points this out. I have interviewed former Mariner Adam Jones. A great young man who was the worst trade trade in Mariner history. He does a lot for the community of Baltimore in the inner city.
    When I read crap like what happened to Jones it bothers me. It bothers me that their is ONLY 62 African American MLB players currently on MLB teams. Only 62. Ladies in gentlemen this is why I request to come to Safeco and interview the few African Americans that are in the majors. To get their feelings on the lack of African Americans in MLB.
    I truly believe also the marketing of the Mariners and MLB IS NOT reaching “the hip-hop generation” like the NBA and NFL is doing. I see the Mariners commercials and truth be told I have to use the word “corny” Young inner city kids cannot relate to those spots. These are just facts.
    Young African American kids turn to football/basketball by age 12. I work with kids everyday. I asked a bunch of 10, 11 and 12 year old African American kids to name three African American MLB players. They could not name ONE! But of course they can name a whole bunch of African American NFL/NBA players. This is sad. They do not see ANY African American MLB players doing commercials. Unlike Lebron, Curry, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Harden, Barkley, Shaq, John Wall, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Odell Beckham Jr, Cam Newton and more!!
    Chris Rock AND Adam Jones said  baseball is a “white man’s sport”. Below is the link to Rock’s segment on HBO where he talked about how white baseball players are and the crowds who attend the games also.
    In my opinion the bigots who called Jones the N word and tossed peanuts at him etc should NEVER be allowed to attend aadamjones-web1-master768 Red Sox game and should be fined $25,000 also. Adam Jones said this should happen and I agree 100%. MLB has a problem.
    And the commissioner was right to address this problem today. The Mayor of Boston did also.
    Ladies and gentlemen this is 2017 not 1948. MLB tries to celebrate “Jackie Robinson Day” every year. This is a joke! A big fat joke! Jackie would not be happy knowing their are ONLY 62 African Americans in the majors.
    And only two African American managers in Baker and Roberts. When I turn on a Mariners game from Safeco it is a sea of white faces.
    Yes I am very upset at this Adam Jones story. With Trump in the White House (well sometimes he is in the White House), racism is showing that it is alive and well. Just look at his cabinet.
    Over the years I have asked the Mariners to help me with advertising dollars with my business. I have not obtained one penny. I get a bunch of excuses. My program airs 24-7 in Washington State/Oregon and California on Comcast-On Demand and Xfinity X1. My entertainment program AND my urban sports program.
    And we stream online at musicinnercity.com and sportsinnercity.com  We are not a little public access program. I have been in broadcasting over 26 years folks. And have interviewed legend after legend after legend.
    • Tim and Rebecca and Kelly and others who attend games at Safeco, take a look around in the stands. And see at the white faces. Root TV for sure shows them. Their is a segment during the games where they have Mariner fans on trips over seas or at home. They are ALWAYS white! ALWAYS.
      It is sad. It is just the opposite at for instance the Warriors game tonight a Cavs game or Spurs game or a Seahawks game. You see diversity. You see America. You see African Americans, Native Americans, Whites, East Africans, Asians etc.
      The terrible story about Adam Jones in Boston shows me again why I am needed with “Sports Inner City TV”. Sorry to say racism is alive and well folks.  Sports radio KJR with it’s all white regular on air staff day and night for instance cannot discuss racism. They have never experienced it. Sorry to say EVERY African American man in America has. Including Adam Jones, David Price and others. We experience it EVERY DAY when we walk out our doors.
      And with Trump in the WH, things will not get better. See ya.
      Ladies and gentlemen the last day or so since this Jones incident happened, I have heard African American MLB players wondering what in the hell is going on. This is 2017 not 1948. And they are also saying a lot of incidents have happened for some reason in the city of Boston.
      It is known in the black community that Boston is a racist city. But readers I don’t give a damn!! I feel the sport of baseball is racist. There outreach to the African American community is terrible. And it seems it is getting worse not better sad to say.

      Jackie Robinson Day: A Wasted Day In Major League Baseball!

      ARTICLE FROM detroitfreepress.com (Full story click here)

      “One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

      Today as I type this blog is “Jackie Robinson Day” in Major League Baseball. WHAT A JOKE!! A wasted day. It upsets me as a sports fan when this day happens every year. I really does.

      As far as I am concerned MLB should eliminate this day. Every year players on every team wear #42 on the uniforms the number Jackie Robinson wore his entire career. Again a damn joke! Mr. Robinson would not be happy if he knew here in 2017, only 7.1% are African American in MLB. Let me repeat only 7.1% African American players in MLB.

      This is lowest amount of African Americans playing in MLB since 1958!! It is down from 8.1 in 2016. Down a full point ladies and gentlemen. This is not a good look!! Not a good look at all.

      Yes last years draft had a good amount of young African Americans drafted. But who said they will make it to the big show or the major leagues. We do not know this will happen. Meanwhile a team like our Seattle Mariners has a grand total of ONE African American on the team. Future guest on “Sports Inner City TV”, Jarrod Dyson. No African Americans in the front office of the Mariners and zero African American coaches.

      On “Jackie Robinson Day” here in Seattle, today’s game the Mariners vs. Rangers will have most likely ONE AFRICAN AMERICAN STARTING TOTAL!! Tremendously sad.

      Readers a major problem is young African American kids turn to football/basketball by age 12. They think baseball is boring and slow. Which by the way they are right!! Games are lasting more than 3 hours so far this year. Just too damn long for a nine inning game. In my opinion and many others, their needs to be a 20 second pitch clock. Also most young African American kids CANNOT EVEN NAME MORE THAN TWO OR THREE AFRICAN AMERICAN PLAYERS IF THAT!!

      But this is another story which I will tackle soon. Also another problem is young inner city kids do not see the few African American players in MLB on TV doing commercials on TV like NBA/NFL players. NONE WHAT SO EVER!!

      When I watch future guest on “Sports Inner City TV” Dave Sims broadcast tonight’s game on Robinson Day, he will look at the crowd at Safeco Field here in Seattle and see very few African American faces. It will be about 99% White/Asian. Like going to a Republican Convention or a Utah Jazz game in Salt Lake City. By the way Sims is one of only a few African American lead broadcasters in all major sports in America.

      Only 7.1% African American in MLB and down from 2016 a full point. This is a sad sad stat in my strong opinion. The RBI League AIN’T ENOUGH!! Knowing that a certain amount of African Americans were drafted AIN’T ENOUGH! Hell their is ONLY 2.8% African American playing college baseball. Only 2.8%!!

      I am sure Hammering Hank and Frank Robinson and Willie Mays and Reggie Jackson and other African American players from the past cannot be happy with the amount of African Americans playing MLB. Folks I am NOT talking about people of color from South America. I am talking about African Americans.

      “Jackie Robinson Day” in MLB IS A DAMN JOKE!! In my strong opinion. Truly sad.

      Comments: gcurvey@yahoo.com or facebook.com/gordon.curvey or twitter.com/gcurvey