Chris Paul Leaving The Clippers To Join Harden In H-Town

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Today is a NBA dream day for us fans. Big time breaking news and it is only June 28th for goodness sake! I go online like I always do to look for content for my websites and BAM!! Breaking news..Los Angeles Clippers star guard Chris Paul is traded to the Houston Rockets!

WOW this is huge news! Paul will team up with NBA All Star James Harden in Houston. Will this be a title for the Rockets I do not think so. The Rockets have to do more. Plus we have to see how Paul and Harden can run a offense on the court at the same time. Both are ball hogs. But Paul is Hall Of Fame type player so we have to see what happens.

The Rockets will send Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, DeAndre Liggins, Darrun Hillard, Montrezl Harrell, Klye Wiltjer, a top 3 protected 2018 1st round pic and $661, 000 to the Clippers in exchange for Paul.

That is a whole lot for Paul who is 33 years old with a lot of miles on his legs. We know it will be very very emotional for Paul to depart the Clippers. But I guess he said to himself he cannot win a title with the Clippers and has a better chance with Houston. But I am not feeling it. Unless the Rocket also obtain Paul George.

In my opinion, if he was going to leave the Clippers why not leave for the Spurs? I think that would have been a better look but anyway no more “Lob City” in L.A. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and Jordan. Of course the Clippers could have paid Paul MUCH more cash but Paul said “I’m out”

Let’s see what other moves the Rockets will make during the off season. Let’s see what the Clippers do to with Blake Griffin. More news to come NBA fans!!

No Diversity As Regular Hosts On Sportsradio KJR

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

For years I have spoken out about the lack of diversity on sports radio KJR here in Seattle. And I will continue until GM Rich Moore takes DIVERSITY serious. For which he is not.

In more than 26 years sports radio KJR has had a all white regular on air staff except for a few years when Jerry Brewer was hired. He was hired because of myself and former Seattle NAACP chairman and my good friend Carl Mack had meetings with KJR/KUBE 93 management regarding the lack of diversity and treatment of African Americans over the air.

But Carl left Seattle I was left alone on a island to monitor KJR. Sorry to say things have got worse. Like Carl Mack, Brewer obtained another job back east and left Seattle. And KJR went back to all white regular on air staff day and night. In the morning Mitch Levy, followed by Chuck and Puck, followed by Ian Furness and then Dave Mahler.

At night KJR has Fox Sports Radio on it’s station with more white hosts in Jason Smith and Ben Maller.  Of course the all white hosts do a good job in blasting African Americans in the sports world at will hiding behind their microphones. They will say crap behind the microphone that of course they would NOT SAY IN THE BLACK MAN OR LADIES FACE!

The hosts on a regular basis put Seahawks Richard Sherman and Micheal Bennett on blast and other African Americans like Cam Newton. Hell, KJR even had a damn poll asking “Is Cam Newton A Asshole” Click the link below.

MLB Games Are Too Long And Boring

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Sports fans here is something that really bothers me big time. It is the length of a regular nine inning MLB game. Folks in my opinion something is very very wrong and the commissioner has to act on this problem right now.

Something is wrong with MLB games that last more than three and a half hours. It is a problem. I think I have some ideas that MLB needs to put in effect as quickly as possible. There needs to be a pitchers clock. Twenty seconds for the pitcher to pitch his next pitch to a batter. This will cut down on pitchers messing around on the mound etc. He can get the ball from the catcher and get ready for the next doggone pitch! A clock is needed!

Also here is another problem sports fans. Guys like our own Robinson Cano messing with his batting gloves EVEN WHEN HE TAKES A BALL!! Why is he and many other MLB players doing this? It is slowing down a already slow game.

Then their is another problem in my opinion. Too many visits to the mound by managers, pitching coaches and catchers to talk to a pitcher. It should be a limit to how many visits a team obtains each game. Also the four ball rule needs to go when a pitchers walks a batter on purpose.

The game of Major League Baseball is living in 1954. This is 2017!! Get rid of the “corny” 7th inning stretch where fans are asked to sing “America The Beautiful”  GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK!!  Get rid of it!! And now umpires take time from the game to look at a tight play. Something needs to be done about that too.

Young inner city African American kids are turning away from the slow and boring game of baseball by age 12. These are facts! Just go look at the make up of a high school team in any major city. The team is basically all white. Also look at college baseball. It is only 2.8% African American. Let me repeat..only 2.8% African American. This is sad. Look at the NCAA World Series. ALL WHITE TEAMS!

This is going on because young inner city kids think baseball is slow and boring. With players wearing their pants up to their knees etc. The commissioner of MLB needs to make immediate changes to the game if he plans on attracting young African American kids to the game. If not young African Americans will continue to turn to hoops and football by age 12 or 13. Sad folks.


Ice Cube’s Big3 League Starts At Barclays Center In Brooklyn

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 11: (L-R) Jeff Kwatinetz, Rashard Lewis, Allen Iverson, Ice Cube, Kenyon Martin, and Roger Mason Jr. attend a press conference announcing the launch of the BIG3, a new, professional 3-on-3 basketball league, on January 11, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for BIG3) ORG XMIT: 691015503 ORIG FILE ID: 631496728

More basketball the better for me because I am a NBA and basketball junky. When the NBA season ends as a sports fan I am depressed. Thank god for NBA TV!

Watched the NBA Draft a few days ago and the NBA Summer League starts soon. Meanwhile their is another league starting up. A idea of producer/rapper and actor Ice Cube a league of former NBA players will play in a league called Big3. The Big3 started with its first games on 6/25 at the Barkleys Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. home of the Nets.

It will be 3 against 3 on the court with a four point shot. First team to 60 points win but you have to win by two points. Plus their is no fouling out. As a NBA fan it will be fun to see the former NBA players on the court. Most of them in the late 30s to early to mid 40’s. Even a few players who are in their early 50’s.

Some of the players will be former Seattle Sonic Ruban Patterson, Al Thornton, another former Sonic Rashard Lewis, “White Chocolate” Jason Williams, Kwame Brown, Mahomoud Addul-Rauf. NBA Hall Of Fame member and of course Sonic great “The Glove” Gary Payton will be a coach.

Also playing will be Josh Childress, Rasual Butler, and another NBA Hall Of Fame member Rick Berry will be a coach. You will also see on the court Chauncey Billups as coach, player and also rapper Stephen Jackson, another former Sonic Reggie Evans, Larry Hughes, Brian Cook and former NY Knicks/Bulls star Charles Oakley will be a player and coach.

Fans will also see playing Jermaine O’Neal, Bonzi Wells, Mike James, Lou Amundson and will see the great “Dr J” Julius Erving as a coach. Also playing will be Mike Bibby, Ricky Davis, Mo Evans, Joe Smith and the great “Iceman” George Gervin will be a coach. The biggest name playing in the Big3 league will be NBA Hall of Fame member and trend setter “A.I.” Allen Iverson. Former NBA star Kenyon Martin will also be playing as will Roger Mason Jr.

The Big3 will play in 10 different cities in 10 weeks. Those cities will include here in Seattle, Washington! The schedule is below:

June 25 (Brooklyn)

July 2 (Charlotte)

July 9 (Tusla)

July 16 (Philadelphia)

July 23 (Chicago)

July 30 (Dallas)

August 6 (Lexington)

August 13 (Los Angeles)

August 20 (Playoffs here in Seattle/Key Arena)

August 27 (Finals in Las Vegas)

Games will be shown on a tape delayed basis on FS1. First games shown on June 26th. We will be following and reporting on the Big3 3 on 3 Basketball League and we look forward to reporting on the Big3 playoffs when it hits here in Seattle.

Washington’s Markelle Fulz #1 Choice In NBA Draft

“One Man’s Opinion” By Gordon Curvey

As a basketball junky I am happy as hell to see the University Of Washington’s own Markelle Fulz being chosen #1 by the Philadelphia 76ers. It is a dream come true for the young fella.

At 6-4 he has all the skills to become a superstar in the NBA. Of course he has hops and a outside shot out to the three point range. He is also a good passer. He will have to work on his D in the NBA and that is for sure. At times truth be told Fulz looked lost on defense at the U-Dub. Then again sorry to say in my opinion a lot of players looked lost under former head coach Lorenzo Romar.

At the University Of Washington, Markelle’s UW team last year won only nine games. This is not a good thing but that is in the past for the young fella. He is in the NBA now. But I have to say a little more about former head coach Romar.

Readers it is amazing to me that Romar recruited a lot of really good top NBA draft choices at the U-Dub.  That includes Brandon Roy, Isaiah Thomas, Dejounte Murrey, Marquese Chriss, Nate Robinson, Tony Wroten and Terrence Ross. BUT the UW has not had NCAA Tournament experience lately. This is AMAZING as to why this has happened. I just do not understand.

Of course Romar was fired and is now a assistant at Arizona. Coach Romar is a great man and his players came back to obtain their degrees but he just did not lead University Of Washington teams with loads of NBA level talent anywhere.

So let’s see how young Markelle Fulz will do in the NBA. I loved to watch the young fella play. There is no doubt in my mind he will be a great NBA player. One thing for sure the 76ers have plenty of the line young talent. People in Philly are now talking playoffs. If their top young players stay injury free it will be a very interesting season in Philly.