Jackie Robinson Day: A Wasted Day In Major League Baseball!

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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Today as I type this blog is “Jackie Robinson Day” in Major League Baseball. WHAT A JOKE!! A wasted day. It upsets me as a sports fan when this day happens every year. I really does.

As far as I am concerned MLB should eliminate this day. Every year players on every team wear #42 on the uniforms the number Jackie Robinson wore his entire career. Again a damn joke! Mr. Robinson would not be happy if he knew here in 2017, only 7.1% are African American in MLB. Let me repeat only 7.1% African American players in MLB.

This is lowest amount of African Americans playing in MLB since 1958!! It is down from 8.1 in 2016. Down a full point ladies and gentlemen. This is not a good look!! Not a good look at all.

Yes last years draft had a good amount of young African Americans drafted. But who said they will make it to the big show or the major leagues. We do not know this will happen. Meanwhile a team like our Seattle Mariners has a grand total of ONE African American on the team. Future guest on “Sports Inner City TV”, Jarrod Dyson. No African Americans in the front office of the Mariners and zero African American coaches.

On “Jackie Robinson Day” here in Seattle, today’s game the Mariners vs. Rangers will have most likely ONE AFRICAN AMERICAN STARTING TOTAL!! Tremendously sad.

Readers a major problem is young African American kids turn to football/basketball by age 12. They think baseball is boring and slow. Which by the way they are right!! Games are lasting more than 3 hours so far this year. Just too damn long for a nine inning game. In my opinion and many others, their needs to be a 20 second pitch clock. Also most young African American kids CANNOT EVEN NAME MORE THAN TWO OR THREE AFRICAN AMERICAN PLAYERS IF THAT!!

But this is another story which I will tackle soon. Also another problem is young inner city kids do not see the few African American players in MLB on TV doing commercials on TV like NBA/NFL players. NONE WHAT SO EVER!!

When I watch future guest on “Sports Inner City TV” Dave Sims broadcast tonight’s game on Robinson Day, he will look at the crowd at Safeco Field here in Seattle and see very few African American faces. It will be about 99% White/Asian. Like going to a Republican Convention or a Utah Jazz game in Salt Lake City. By the way Sims is one of only a few African American lead broadcasters in all major sports in America.

Only 7.1% African American in MLB and down from 2016 a full point. This is a sad sad stat in my strong opinion. The RBI League AIN’T ENOUGH!! Knowing that a certain amount of African Americans were drafted AIN’T ENOUGH! Hell their is ONLY 2.8% African American playing college baseball. Only 2.8%!!

I am sure Hammering Hank and Frank Robinson and Willie Mays and Reggie Jackson and other African American players from the past cannot be happy with the amount of African Americans playing MLB. Folks I am NOT talking about people of color from South America. I am talking about African Americans.

“Jackie Robinson Day” in MLB IS A DAMN JOKE!! In my strong opinion. Truly sad.

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Cannot Forget “Fried Chicken” Joke By Sergio Garcia

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“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

As a sports fan I watch sports on TV. Sometimes I may watch a event for only a few minutes but I will watch to see what is going on. Even golf for goodness sake if Tiger Woods is playing or if it is a big event like the Masters or U.S. Open.

I watched the Masters this year because 57 year old and Seattle native Fred Couples was on the leader board. Even on Sunday Couples was on the leader board. Amazing! And I noticed a fella I have not liked as a sports fan, Sergio Garcia was near the lead. He has never won a major title so I watched.

But truth be told I did not want Garcia to win. I wanted him to get beat by Justin Rose. Because I have not got over and will never get over the sorry to say racist comment he made at a event a few years ago regarding fried chicken. Read the link above.

Saying he is “sorry” ain’t enough for me readers. Because he said what he said. In my opinion the damage has been done and I not forgive him. Tiger did but I will not. Hell another PGA golfer, Zuzzy Zoeller made a similar racist “fried chicken” so called joke about Tiger Woods also. Also behind Tiger’s back. His career was never the same.

Because Garcia is so talented as a golfer he has continued to play well even after the Woods comments. Garcia is one of the best golfers in the world and has been for a long time. I was bothered by fans cheering for Garcia to win the Masters which he did. They did not know about the “fried chicken” comments about Tiger he made behind Tiger’s back. Nor did they care. I cared ladies and gentlemen.

I can care less if Garcia said he was sorry. I can care less if Tiger called Sergio to congratulate him for winning the Masters this year. That was real cool for Woods to do that. But I am sorry folks, Sergio saying he was sorry just did not and will not cut it for yours truly. Knowing how many African Americans are on the PGA Tour. Basically zero.

When I watched the Masters I searched for a black face and could no find one. The only African American I saw during the coverage if only for a little while was broadcaster Mike Tireco. That was it!! Not even any African American caddies!

Back in the day, the major stars like Jack and Arnold and Gary Player etc had African American caddies. When the money got big BAM their went the black caddies. I don’t understand why. Maybe someone can explain why this happened.

Ladies and gentlemen I have to bring these issues to the table when it comes to race. Because sports radio and other media will not. For sure not on sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN here in Seattle. I have to here on “Sports Inner City Online” and “Sports Inner City TV” and at “Music Inner City News Magazine” www.musicinnercity.com Please send me your comments at gcurvey@yahoo.com

Division 1 College Baseball: Only 2.9% African American! Why?

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I am a sports fan. I love basketball, football, track & field, boxing, tennis (when Serena and Venus are playing, golf (when Tiger is playing), and baseball.

But I do have major problems with the sport of baseball. It is a sport that thinks it is still 1963. When Frank and Brooks Robinson and Mickey Mantle and the great Willie Mays and Lou Brock was playing.

But last time I checked it is 2017. It is a sport that moves way way to slow or other words the games are to damn long. Sometimes a game can last three and half hours. Too long.

Here are some facts readers. Young African American kids do not give a damn about baseball by the age of 12 or 13. Other words just after little league age. They turn to football/basketball.

They think the sport of baseball is very boring and too slow. Unlike the sport of football and basketball. Which are fast moving sports. For sure in basketball. They see the high flying dunks great shooting in basketball and athletic plays and hits in the sport of football and they fall in love with both of the sports.

But inner city kids fall out of love with baseball. They see cats wearing baseball uniforms and their pants are up to their knees and they don’t think it’s “cool” They see pitchers taking forever to pitch and catchers making making many trips to the mound etc. Inner city kids see one word…boring.

Ladies and gentlemen when as a sports fan, I flip to the Pac 12 network who cover Pac 12 baseball and see basically all white teams it is shocking. I turn their not to watch the games but to monitor the diversity on various teams. I don’t see diversity. I just see white players. Again it is shocking!

Readers in Div 1 college baseball their is ONLY 2.9% African Americans playing the sport. Let me repeat folks. In Div 1 college baseball ONLY 2.9% African American are playing the sport.

There is another reason why African Americans are NOT playing baseball. In my next article I will give one man’s opinion concerning the lack of marketing of MLB. Shout out to Seattle Times sports reporter Larry Stone for forwarding a great article on the topic to me.

I respect Mr. Stone and also another reporter Shannon Dryer here locally. As well as Mariner broadcaster and a real nice fella Dave Sims. Very soon a guest on “Sports Inner City TV”. Another reporter Ryan Divish I do NOT respect. Which is another story!

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The Firing of Lorenzo Romar Is Wrong!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

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Yesterday I was in my car coming home from my Seattle Public Schools job and I had the radio on sports radio KJR here in Seattle. And all of a sudden the news comes out that University Of Washington head basketball coach Lorenzo Romar was going to be fired.

I said to myself DAMN! The UW is going to fire Romar. It was a shock ladies and gentlemen. I thought the school would keep Romar another year because of the top 5 class coming to the school next year.

Led by the dynamic Micheal Porter Jr. This kid CAN BALL!!! He averaged 34 points and 13 rebounds for Nathan Hale. He helped turn around a school that was 3-18 to a undefeated season and state title.

He is 6-10, can pull up from 35 and has a deadly jumper from 20 or other words a mid range game and he can get up and block shots too. And can dribble like a guard. He is the real deal. And he is a future NBA superstar. Another Kevin Durant!!

Hale was led also by head coach Brandon Roy. Of course a Seattle native and former NBA All Star player for Portland. Nathan Hale was #1 in the nation.  A great high school team under Roy. Porter Jr. Jontay also a star on the Hale team. He is a year behind his brother.

YES their are rumors as to how and why Nathan Hale went from 3-18 to undefeated and a state title in one year. And how and why Porter Sr and Jr and another son moved from the midwest to here in Seattle and how and why Porter Sr. got hired as Lorenzo Romar’s assistant. And how and why Brandon Roy, a ex UW star got hired at Hale. His first coaching position. Yes their are rumors.

Having said that no one has got fined or got a penalty. Their are just rumors. Yes even myself thought things were real shady. But again the people involved were not given a penalty.

Now we have Romar being fired. The question is why? Yes Washington had a flat out TERRIBLE season and loss 13 games in a row to end the season and again UW is not in the big dance. I mean I watched the UW get completely blown out by UCLA and Gonzaga. It was sad watching those games. It really was.

But with the season coming to a end I did not think the AD at Washington Jen Cohen would fire Romar but she caved in to the pressure and ended the head coaching career at UW for Romar after 15 years.

But why did Cohen fire Romar? How come she could not wait another year with Porter Jr and kids from Garfield High School coming in? I have had discussions with folks since the firing of Romar and I do not like would I have found out. Something is not right with AD Cohen pulling the strings on Romar.

First of all do you think Jen Cohen knows ANYTHING about college basketball? I say NO!! And how about this readers. I think Cohen did not want Romar to start a possible dynasty at UW or a string of real good teams even with kids leaving for the NBA. For instance like Kentucky.

Cohen felt pressure and fired Romar. I was wrong folks. Just think about it. Washington had one of top recruiting class of all schools in Div 1 college basketball coming in. WHY would Cohen fire Romar without letting him coach these kids? It is just wrong and something is very very shaky about Lorenzo being fired at this team Washington.

So now Micheal Porter Sr has left UW and is going back to Missouri to be a assistant coach. So you already know his sons will follow him to Missouri. This is very sad for UW basketball fans.

I reached out to former NBA Coach Of The Year Sam Mitchell via social media to see if he would be interested in the UW job since Romar was fired. Mitchell got back to me and said thanks but no thanks and he happy being on NBA TV for right now.

Also other Romar recruits will leave too. Maybe even of the kids who played last year will leave also. So now what? Who will be the next UW head coach? Well how about Will Conroy who Cohen has said is now the “point person” what ever that is. What about Roy? How about Conroy as a assistant or head coach or Roy as the head coach or a assistant? And bring in ex UW star Donald Watts Jr.

Maybe if they act quickly on Roy/Conroy this might help keep Porter Jr here and the other recruits. Roy by the way is a ex UW star and also a Garfield High star whose jersey hangs in the gym at Garfield.

Will AD Cohen do this? Most likely not. But they should and they should do it NOW!! By the way I am not happy with the sports reporter at the Seattle Times Matt Calkins.

This guy writes in the Times “Romar had to go for the good of team” CALKINS NEEDS TO GO!! GO BACK WHERE HE CAME FROM!! He has ONLY BEEN IN THE SEATTLE AREA A YEAR OR SO. HE HAS HIS NERVE TO SAY THIS ROMAR NEEDS TO GO BS!! Give me a damn break!!! Calkins has put other African Americans on blast on his blog at the Seattle Times!!

Sorry I have to go here but Calkins is a white dude writing this BS about a African American head coach that he really knows nothing about. HE IS STILL NEW IN OUR AREA. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM MATT CALKINS!! Finally this.

When Lorenzo Romar was first hired, sports radio KJR host Dave Mahler who truth be told I have never liked, put the UW on blast all day over the air for hiring Romar. He was saying who is this guy and why did they hire him and not others. Mainly white by the way.

I made some calls to find out what time was the press conference to announce the hiring of Romar and I got my keys and went to press conference. Knowing Mahler would be there firing “softball questions” to Romar knowing he was on radio blasting the hiring of Lorenzo. I sat in the stands and BAM! Here goes Mahler asking “softball questions” to Romar.

After the press conference I confronted Mahler. I was pissed. Former UW players had to cool me off including my childhood friend and ex member of the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons and a Seattle native James Edwards and others. I was upset folks at Mahler. KJR program director (and still is 15 years later) Rich Moore wanted to put charges on me but my good friend former NAACP of Seattle Carl Mack talked him out of it.

So Romar gets fired yesterday and I turn on Mahlers radio show and he was saying all this BS about how much he loved Romar as a person etc. But then he agreed with the firing of Romar. Readers this was no surprise. Mahler most likely celebrated they firing of Romar!! Romar even did a interview with Mahler about the firing. It was a damn joke. I saw right though Mahler!! He was not fooling me!!!

So let’s see what happens to Porter Jr and his brother of the 2018 Class Jontay who also has committed to UW. Let’s see what happens to Garfield High kids Jaylen Noel and Daejon Davis. What will their family decide for their kids. We will keep you informed right here on “Sports Inner City Online-TV”

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Getting Tired Of Draymond Green’s Act

“One Man’s Opinion by Gordon Curvey


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I love to watch the Golden State Warriors play. Yes I do have a huge problem of Kevin Durant joining a already powerful team. KD just made them even stronger. They are a great great team.

Curry is one of best shooters ever in NBA history and Klay Thompson is also a great shooter and they have a great bench when the starters get tired. One of the starters is Draymond Green. Green is not a scorer but on this team he does not have to score. What he brings to the table is his defense and passing.

He is a very big piece of the Warriors and they would not be a great team without Green. He is a team leader and does not mind getting in teammates faces when they mess up (in his opinion). Green also brings something else to the table and it is not positive sorry to say ladies and gentlemen.

Green has huge temper problem on the court. Off the court word is he is a great dude. But on the court I am getting tired of Green’s act. Tired of seeing him whining and going off when he disagrees with a officials call on him.

He even will go off on his head coach Steve Kerr. He does not care. If his mom and dad were courtside and tried to cool him off heck I think he would go off on them for goodness sake! Green also has another problem. And that is kicking players in the private area and other parts of the body. This has to stop!

Watched the Warriors vs. Clippers game recently and Green kicked Blake Griffin in his shoulder. It was amazing nothing was called. I will tell you readers this. Draymond is lucky to be playing basketball in 2017. Because if Green was playing in the 80’s or 90’s he would have some serious problems. Cats like Charles Oakley or X-Man Xavior McDaniels or Patrick Ewing or the Bad Boys Detroit Pistons would retaliate with a quickness!! REAL TALK!!

There are a lot of “soft” players playing in the NBA right now. Not trying to condone violence BUT one night Green is going to kick the wrong player and he will pay for it. It is just a matter of time. He cannot continue to kick players over and over and over. He needs to realize this and realize it now.

Green has done great things with his foundation. He has gave ONE MILLION DOLLARS to his old school Michigan State to help build a new weight training facility on campus. That is a great move by Draymond. But I am just tired of seeing him whining and going completely off after a call and also watching him kick players. Take that away, Green is a great player for what he brings to the Golden State Warriors.

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