Cleveland Cavs Make Major Big Time Moves! Will It Work?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Everyone who follows NBA hoops know that the Cleveland Cavs needed to make moves and make moves now. They were heading downhill real fast. Getting blasted by terrible teams like the Orlando Magic and others.

And Lebron James at 33 and a free agent after the season is not used to long losing streaks. But it was happening and Cavs management had to act and act quickly. And sports fans they did big time!! All of a sudden the Cleveland Cavs have got much younger and for their superstar James and Cavs fans hopefully better.

The Cavs picked up Jordan Clarkson and big man Larry Nance Jr. from the Los Angeles Lakers. Plus the Cavs picked up Rodney Hood from the Utah Jazz and point guard George Hill from the Kings. Sent packing from the Cavs are Seattle/Tacoma area native and former UW Huskies star Isaiah Thomas and Joe Crowder. Plus Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose and also Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert. WOW this is off the chain folks!!

As a Seattle-Tacoma area dude, I hate to see IT getting traded again. IT has had a very rough last year. His sister passing, hip operation and two trades. And IT going public with his feelings about Kevin Love and the problems with the Cavs. But the bottom line is IT and Lebron and the Cavs just was not a good match. Was it because Thomas is not fully recovered from hip surgery? I say yes. But the Cavs cannot wait for IT to get better.

So he was sent to the Lakers. And this is another problem waiting to happen. Because word is IT will not start with the Lakers and IT does not want to come off the bench. And also word is Thomas just will not fit into Magic Johnson and Lakers long term plans. So what will happen with Thomas? We will have to see.  This will be interesting to watch.

Also Lebron’s best friend D-Wade was sent back to a team that he should have never left..Miami.  This is a great move by Pat Riley and the Heat. It is obvious Riley and D-Wade have talked about their differences and now D-Wade is a member of the team he should have never left. And Wade will for sure help the Heat in the East.

The Cavs picked up Rodney Hood who many of you most likely do not know about. But Hood can ball ladies and gentlemen. He can create his own shot too. And the Cavs were trying to obtain George Hill for weeks but now they have him. Hill is a good player. Clarkson and Nance Jr. are good players and both are around 25 years old. Both are athletic and can run. Nance can rebound and can block shots too. These players are good parts to put together in a Cleveland Cavs puzzle to hopefully for them return to the NBA Finals.

I know Lebron will miss the friendship of Channing Frye but the NBA is a business and Lebron and Frye understand that. Lebron is not worried about missing D-Wade. He said he sees Wade all the time and for sure during the off season.

It will be interesting to see what happens with a former MVP in the NBA Derrick Rose. Many think Rose can still be a really good player and I think so too. He has of course been hurt a lot in his NBA career. But when he is not hurt at times Rose looks like the “old” Rose. Driving to the basket and even hitting shots from the outside. Ummm I wonder what Kyrie Irving is thinking now?

So it will be very very interesting to watch the Cavs and their new players and it will be very interesting to see what happens to IT. Will the moves help keep Lebron in Cleveland or will he still bolt to LA? This is why I love the NBA. It is my favorite sport by far. Very very sad our Seattle Sonics are not here anymore so we can discuss who the Sonics traded or picked up at the trade deadline.

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