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Michael Vick Will Play On Sunday For The Eagles »

ARTICLE FROM blogs.mcall (Full story click here) P.S. The Eagles have a interesting problem when Donavan McNabb returns from a injury. They will have three Pro Bowl QB’s on it’s roster. McNabb, recently signed Jeff Garcia and Mike Vick. We all know McNabb is the man in Philly but if he gets hurt again, the […]

Vick Speaks To Youth In Philidelphia Area School »

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here) P.S. While the media talks about the Oregon player hitting the Boise State player and the media talks about the Charger player and his girlfriend etc, I want to talk about a positive subject and that is Mike Vick and what he is doing since he left prison. […]

Bruce Smith And Others Enter Football Hall Of Fame »

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here) Bruce Smith who played years with the Bills entered the Hall of Fame with the late Bob Hayes and others at the event in Canton, Ohio. Smith joined Randell McDaniel, the late Derrick Thomas and Rod Woodson in this years class. For the full story please click link […]

Vick Sentence Is Over So Now Let Him Play Football Again »

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here) P.S. I have just watched this cat on the Headline News saying Michael Vick maybe should not be allowed to play football this year in the NFL. And then callers called in bashing Vick and others said let him play again because he has served his dues. I […]

Steve McNair Taped Suicide PSA Before He Died »

ARTICLE FROM (Full story click here) P.S. Former NFL QB the late Steve McNair taped a suicide prevention PSA and I be doggone he then gets shot by this so called female four times before she kills herself. This is UNREAL!! I will not even put the name of this so called female on […]