How Will Seattle Media Handle NHL Fights?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I watched the Seahawks vs Jacksonville game like many other Seahawks fans. Of course the Hawks loss 30-24 in Jacksonville. It was a very physical and rough game. That was for sure. Some say the refs called a terrible game.

Every time a Jacksonville player on D went after Russell Wilson and hit Russ I worry that Wilson will not get up like many other QB’s in the NFL. So far Russ continues to get up after a hard hit. In my opinion Russell Wilson should be the MVP if the vote was today.

They really did not suffer as far as the standings go because the Rams also lost. This sets up a big game at Century Link here in Seattle between the Seahawks and Rams. This the second meeting with the Hawks winning in L.A.  The Seahawks are now 8-5. But the Hawks suffered more injuries during the game with KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner leaving the game after getting hurt.

The Seahawks were already without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril on D. Jimmy Graham was barely targeted in the first half and even the second half. Yes he dropped another pass. And our FG kicker missed a easy 38 yard field goal. This should not happen sports fans!

The Seahawks are praying that Wright and Wagner can play vs. the Rams. Lord knows the Hawks do not need any more guys down. But we also know about what happened near the end of the game.

The Seattle sports media and the national sports media also said the Seahawks Micheal Bennett started a semi brawl near the end of the game in Jacksonville but here is the truth. Bennett did NOT start a semi-brawl. The sports media said Bennett rolled on a Jacksonville’s players knees. But that is not the truth readers. Bennett when after the football when Jacksonville’s center snapped the football to the QB. The video shows this is the case! Coach Carroll is supporting Bennett too.

But the media still put Bennett on blast. Saying he started a problem on the field. Sports radio KJR host Chuck Powell blasted Bennett over the air saying Bennett did this and he did that. Powell has put Bennett on blast before. It got me so upset a few months ago, I grabbed my keys and went to confront Powell face to face while he was doing a remote broadcast here in downtown Seattle. Powell was wrong then and was wrong this week.

Seattle’s sports media has discussed over and over about the “fight” near the end of the game. Saying how Bennett was wrong and how the Seahawks player was wrong for trying to go into the stands after a few crazy Jacksonville fans went threw stuff at the Seahawks player etc. Readers here is a question.

What is going to happen when the NHL rolls into Seattle to play in our new arena? Of course in the NHL, their are vicious fights on almost a daily basis on Sports Center on ESPN. Fists are flying, teeth are being knocked and blood is on the ice at NHL games. HELL most NHL players have lost a lot of teeth because of fights on the ice!! For some reason fighting is somehow “accepted” by the fans of the NHL. Are they ever called “thugs” like African Americans when they get into a problem on the courts or fields? A African American in the NFL or NBA can throw ONE PUNCH…..HE IS CALLED A “THUG” HELL NO!!

I wonder how the white hosts on KJR and 710 ESPN will handle the mainly white NHL players when they get into big fights on the ice? I cannot wait to see. This should be very very interesting.

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“In The Locker Room” The Seattle Seahawks

Here is a new edition of “In The Locker Room” of the Seattle Seahawks.  I discuss the last game where the Seahawks beat the Colts 46-18 at a packed Century Link Field here in Seattle.

Plus locker room comments from KJ Wright, Frank Clark and more. PLUS a new music video by Lloyd (f) Rick Ross. Watch via your smartphone, tablet or pc ANYWHERE in the world! Produced with the Ustream Producer here in Seattle. This webcast is 24-7 on-demand! SPECIAL THANKS TO THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!

Taking A Knee BEFORE The Anthem? Why?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Of  course we sports fans know Trump has started a huge story in his blasting of NFL players for protesting during the national anthem before NFL games. This story is everywhere.

Trump in my opinion is just flat out wrong! He continues to say that NFL players are disrespecting the flag and all the people who died for our country etc. He is just wrong! The people who agree with Trump are wrong also.

When former guest on “Music Inner City TV/Sports Inner City TV” QB Colin Kaepernick first started his protest it was and still is not about disrespecting the flag. It is about a number of things that effects the African American community/people of color.

Kap started his protest to let folks know about the mistreatment of African Americans and people of color by police in America. People need to realize that in the last 10 years NOT ONE policeman or lady has served ONE DAY in jail or prison for shooting African Americans/people of color. They are ALWAYS found not guilty and are allowed to go home to their families and have a steak or play golf or take a vacation. Meanwhile the African American or person of color they shot are six feet under or have a terrible memory or being shot. Many times for nothing at all but being black.

I am TIRED of hearing mainly white folks saying NFL players are disrespecting the flag by not standing for the anthem. This is pure BS readers. And truth be told I am sorry to say this situation shows one thing. It shows their is a HUGE racial divide in the U.S.

And as far as I am concerned, ALL African American players need to take a knee every game when the anthem is played to let American know and Trump know that we are tired of our race being treated wrong by the criminal justice system in America. To see a NFL player with his hand on his heart while other black men are taking a knee bothers me.

And readers I do not understand why certain teams have decided to take a knee BEFORE the anthem and then stand for the anthem and I just do NOT understand why. What is the point?

This is not proving nothing!! I sure hope our Seattle Seahawks with not follow other NFL teams in taking a knee before the anthem and not during the anthem. I know one person who will not do this is Micheal Bennett. I have grown to have major respect for Bennett and for him not being afraid to speak up and let everyone know his concerns about racism in America. He is unlike guys like Tiger Woods and Micheal Jordan. Who always stays silent on issues.

Finally, Trump (will NEVER call him President) is a lost person when it comes to race and racism. HE DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE ladies and gentlemen. Nor does he care. Look at his cabinet. Basically all white. Is this America? Trump thinks so!

Trump had no problem saying NFL players are SON OF A BITCHES!! BUT he took his sweet time in speaking out about white supremacists marching in Charlottesville and remember Trump said “There were good people” marching.  Many in the African American community think Trump is a racist and a bigot.

Remember the players who are protesting are mainly African Americans. Trump knows this and he is letting us in the black community know his true colors. Shout out to Kaepernick for starting the movement. Because of it, HE IS STILL UNSIGNED AS A QB IN THE NFL!! This is wrong. This is sad. Kap is better right now than MANY of the starting QBs in the NFL and better than most backups.

Shout out to our own Micheal Bennett and Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin making their voices heard about racism in America and also Head Coach Pete Carroll and is comments on the protests. For sure HUGE shout out to Bennett!! More stories soon on the NFL protests right here on “Sports Inner City Online” Thanks for your support!

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My Tremendous Respect For Micheal Bennett Has Grown

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Ladies and gentlemen as a African American I have seen too many brothas and sistas who obtain fame and money and then forget where they have come from quickly.

People like in my opinion Micheal Jordan and others.

Afraid to speak up on social issues, black on black crime, unarmed African Americans being shot by police and more!!

There are too many of my race who are afraid like Shaquille O’Neal. But one brotha who has obtained wealth but has not forgot his roots is Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett.

I have grown to respect Bennett and Lebron James and former guest on my program unsignd QB Colin Kaepernick and also our Seahawks Richard Sherman and have always respected big time Kareem Abdul Jabbar and of course the late great Muhammad Ali and Seattle area resident the great Bill Russell more than any other sport African American athletes. Micheal Bennett just signed a huge extension with our Seahawks.

But readers money and fame has not changed MB. Not at all. For this I have gained tremendous respect for Bennett. More than any other current sports star besides Lebron and Kap and Sherman.

Truth be told readers I have for some reason been blocked for what ever reason in obtaining a short interview with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman, who is another man who is not afraid to speak up on social issues. But what gets me mad is when I see Sherman and Wilson doing interviews with other media BUT not “Sports Inner City” Maybe one day it will happen. Seahawks are listening?

But NEVER has Micheal Bennett said no for a interview. Never! He always makes time for my interview. This I respect him for greatly ladies and gentlemen. MB is a man who has NOT forgot his roots.

MB takes time to go to schools in the inner city and talk to young kids about staying in school and getting a good education and staying off of drugs and staying out of gangs and more. Things as many of you know I discuss ON EVERY PROGRAM I HAVE PRODUCED SINCE 1990. Every guest is asked to speak to the youth as the last question.

This guy Bennett does not have to go talk to kids and speak out about Black Lives Matter or speak out in support of African American candidate for Mayor here in Seattle Nikita Oliver and yes, speak out in support of his friend QB Colin Kaepernick who as we know is not signed as a QB at the time I type this which is FLAT OUT WRONG!!

Others sit back and play and count their money and drive Mercedes and big boats etc. Yes MB most likely does that too BUT he makes time to give back. He is what you call A ROLE MODEL ladies and gentlemen.

Now we have this terrible problem in Las Vegas. Bennett was thrown to the ground by Vegas police. Saying he may be a suspect in a alleged shooting that turned out their was not a shooting. This incident happened after the Mayweather/McGregor fight in a casino.

Bennett did what any of you would do if he heard possible  gun shots…he took off.  Here is the question readers WHY did the Vegas police stop and treated MB in the way they did? Was he targeted because he was a huge black man with a “Muslim” looking beard well I say yes I think he was. I even think the Vegas police knew who MB was.

I say this because I just checked out this crazy statement by a police union in Vegas where this guy said in a statement that Bennett “disrespected” the American flag. This person said this of course because of Bennett refusing to stand for the anthem before Seahawks games.

This comment is just fanning the flames of this situation in Vegas. We black folks in America know about the mistreatment we have received by the police in America. We know about hundreds of African Americans who have been shot by police with NOT ONE BEING CONVICTED IN THE LAST 5 TO 10 YEARS. NOT ONE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BOYS AND GIRLS!

I am so happy Bennett was not added to the list of African Americans who have been shot and then a policeman or lady would serve ZERO time in prison.

This incident in Vegas will only make Micheal Bennett stronger AND ME stronger as a black man in racist America. MB does not know how he has effected me. When I see MB speaking it makes me happy to see a strong, intelligent African American NFL player and a leader in trying to make folks think about how African Americans and people of color are treated unjustly in America.

So I just  want to say a big THANK YOU to our Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett. A true African American man and role model and oh I forgot a damn good football player!!!

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Colin Kaepernick Not Being Signed Is A Damn Shame!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

At the time I am typing this blog, QB Colin Kaepernick has not been signed by a NFL team. This is a outrage readers. A dirty shame and of course this falls at the feet of the all white NFL owners.

We all know what Kaepernick did. He took a knee numerous times during the national anthem before NFL games. As a result he is being blackballed by the NFL owners for his actions.

This is crazy!! This is nonsense!! This is wrong!! As a sports fan this really bothers me. And going online and reading comments by current and ex NFL players Kaepernick has a lot of support. A whole bunch of support all over the NFL and out!

Guys like Seattle Seahawk players Micheal Bennett and Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin think Kaepernick should have been signed by now and that he has been blackballed by the NFL owners, They are right!! What is going on with Kap is the epitome of racism by the NFL owners and exclusion by the NFL owners. These are JUST PURE STRAIGHT UP FACTS!!

Currently their are about 100 QB jobs in the NFL and you CANNOT tell me Colin Kaepernick is not better than 100 of these QBs. You just cannot readers. Something is very very wrong! Hell Mike Vick came out of prison as a damn felon and BAM in a month he had been signed as a QB!! So you want to tell me Kap is not worthy of being signed by a NFL team? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

I heard loudmouth clown Jason Whitlock on Fox Sports constantly put Kap on blast on tv. He needs to shut up and chillout! He and Ray Lewis are just flat out wrong!! They say Kaepernick is not ready to play football. WHAT?? What in the hell are they saying?

Are they watching Kap? Do they know where his workouts are and what he is doing at his workouts? HELL NO!! And look at Colin Kaepernick record last season. Throwing to no names on the 49ers. 16 TDs and 4 interceptions. Not bad ladies and gentlemen.  Again he was throwing to guys no one has heard of. But clowns like Whitlock and Lewis are not talking about this at all!! Future Hall Of Famer Ray Lewis sounded like a buffoon in his blasting of Kap.

Let’s look at the Ravens situation. They need a QB right now. There GM/head coach wants to sign Kap BUT their owner is blocking signing Kap!! This is crazy, this is wrong!! NFL owners are worried about fans turning on the team if they sign Kaepernick!

The Dolphins need a QB. Hell WHY IS THE NAME JAY CUTLER EVEN BEING BROUGHT UP! Except for one year with the Bears he has been basically terrible, not a leader and QB who has thrown hella interceptions!! OK a coach with the Dolphins helped Jay have his best year with the Bears. So what!! Does that mean Cutler should be signed and not Kap? Cutler is freakin RETIRED!!

As Hall Of Famer Mike Irvin said why is Cutler even being discussed over Kaepernick? Again this is crazy and wrong readers. There are plenty of no names who have not done a doggone thing in the NFL but they are in NFL training camps right now and Colin is not signed. Not signed because he took a stand for the benefit of African Americans and people of color being killed by police in the US.

NFL owners need to wake up and smell the coffee. The all white owners need to stop making a example out of Kap. Stop punishing Kap. Again if Mike Vick was signed as convicted felon for dog fighting A MONTH OUT OF PRISON, how come Colin Keapernick a QB who has led his team to the Super Bowl is on the sidelines? Give me a break!! SIGN COLIN KAEPERNICK!!

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