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Because of my love for basketball and my love for the NBA, I am starting a NEW “Sports Inner City TV”/NBA only webcast. You can view our first webcast right now by clicking on the screen to the right.

Since I was young I loved the sport of basketball and the NBA. I had pics of only basketball players on my wall.  I watched the NBA on TV. Never missed games on TV and even the radio. I grew up going to Seattle Sonics games here in Seattle. I love the NFL too. But not like I love the NBA. In my opinion the sport of baseball has to do something different because the game is too slow and too boring.

This is why young African American kids turn to basketball and football by age 12 or 13. Young inner city kids can barely name a MLB player. This is a fact readers. If you do not bebelieve me, go to a community center or school in a African American neighborhood and ask a group of young African American kids and ask them to name a few baseball players. They cannot. BUT ask them to name NBA or NFL players and they can go on for a hour.

The NBA & THE NFL has grabbed the “hip-hop generation”. Look at the marketing of the sport. You see guys like Curry, CP3, KD, Harden, Blake Griffin, Westbrook, Lebron, Barkley, Dr. J, Damian Lillard, Paul George, Shaq, Kyrie Irving, Kobe and more are doing commercials and marketing of products. The youth see this. The NBA does a GREAT job ofmarketing of it’s sport.

Having said that, since the NBA has left our city of Seattle, local sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN does little to zero NBA talk. It hurts me as a NBA fan so of course we NBA fans go online to find out the latest NBA news and watch NBA TV etc. Thanks god for NBA-TV!!

And I watch the games on ESPN and TNT and NBA League Pass and I watch the NBA team a few miles down the road in Portland. Where the former voice of our Sonics, Kevin Calabro is the new voice of the Portland  Trail Blazers. Great to hear KC doing the games. Guess he took the gig because it is near his home up here near Seattle. He is a great broadcaster and nice dude too!! And he knows the owner Paul Allen too. Allen also owns the Seattle Seahawks for those of you who did not know.

So now because of my love for the NBA, I am starting my webcast featuring all NBA news and views and interviews as well as hip-hop and r&b and pop music videos. A lot by current or ex NBA players!!! I have a lot of plans in my head for my NBA webcasts. The first webcast is only the start because god willing you will see more improvement of the webcast and the look of the webcasts.

My goal is to hook up via Skype with NBA players and coaches. Current and ex!! If you have ideas you want to bring our way please contact me. AND if you want to advertise or because a sponsor please contact me and finally if you want to invest with us to take this webcast to a higher level please contact me. My information is below. So spread the word NBA and basketball fans about “Sports Inner City TV”/NBA webcasts!! Of course you can view our webcasts via smartphones, tablets, mac or pc worldwide!! OK let’s go!!!

PS This is a spinoff of “Music Inner City TV” and the main “Sports Inner City TV” programs/ 24-7/Washington State-Oregon and California/all west coast markets of Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand and Xfinity X1/go to “get local” and then “inner city tv” More than 25 years of broadcasting!!

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“The Big Ticket” Kevin Garnett Is CallIng It A Career

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Well father time catches up with everyone. You cannot run from it. And after 21 years in the NBA, father time has caught up to the great “Big Ticket” Kevin Garnett of the the Minnesota Timberwolves. It is time to hang it up.

Garnett let the team know his choice to retire recently and the team will waive KG soon which will allow the team to collect his entire $8 million salary for the coming NBA season. All of us will miss Garnett. I know I will as a fan of the NBA. One thing for sure KG is a all time great and a first ballot Hall Of Fame member. Remember Garnett came into the NBA right out of high school 21 years ago as a skinny kid.

KG is a 15 time All Star. He had a killer turn around jumper. It was unstoppable during his prime years. And was a great defensive player too.

It will be interesting to see what KG will do with his NBA career at a end. Clippers Head Coach and GM Doc Rivers has already said he has a spot for Kevin.

Man…all time greats are leaving the game the last year. Kobe and Duncan and now Garnett. The game is changing for sure with a lot of young talented players all over the league. But KG is leaving the game in good hands. KG was asked recently when he retires does he want to be a coach and he said “HELL NO” So I guess that will not happen. Will he be in the front office of a team or maybe own a team like MJ? Let’s see what happens to the 40 year old KG.

As a NBA junky and fan of his too, I wish Garnett the best and thanks for all the thrills he gave us on the court throughout his 21 year career in the NBA. Hope KG will be involved in the NBA in some way in the future. We know he will do just that! Thanks KG!! Gordon Curvey


“Sports Inner City TV” Webcasts: All NBA Starting Soon!

I love sports. For sure the three major sports here in America and that is football, basketball and baseball. And when Tiger is winning or near the lead, I like watching golf. By the way, Tiger Woods is coming back in October which is great for me and great for the networks.

But for sure the sport I love by far is basketball. High school, college and yes…the NBA. Since childhood my favorite sport has been the National Basketball Association and all the players who play in it. I am a NBA junky.

I know the history of the game. I am like Lebron James and Kobe who know about the history of the NBA. Going back to Boston Celtics and all their titles with Bill Russell. Who by the way has been here in our area of Seattle since the 70′s in Mercer Island, Washington.

And the great “Logo” Jerry West and Elgin Baylor and the great great late Wilt Chamberlain. The “Doctor” Julius Erving, “Pistol” Pete Maravich, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Bill Walton, the great Larry Bird and “Magic” Johnson, “The Captain” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who is the greatest scorer in the NBA, the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons with my longtime friend Seattle’s own big James Edwards.

To Lonnie Shelton, Jack Sikma, the late “DJ” Dennis Johnson, “The Wizard” Gus Williams, and the “JJ” John Johnson and head coach Lenny Wilkens and our NBA title winning Sonics, “The Glove” and Hall Of Famer Gary Payton, “The Reign Man” and my friend Shawn Kemp of our dearly departed Seattle Supersonics, “The Human Highlight Film” Dominique Wilkens and on and on.

To the stars of today, I love the NBA. I can watch a pre-season game and love it. In my opinion, the NBA has the best athletes in the major sports. Look at “Magic” Johnson for instance. He was a 6ft 9in POINT GUARD!! Most guys who are his size cannot dribble for three seconds without traveling. Look at the great Lebron James who does incredible things on the court at 6ft 8in. Every game in the NBA you will see something great that will make you say WOW!!

This is why the NBA has great ratings behind of course the NFL. Another sport that I love. And we see NBA players doing a lot of marketing of products on TV. Like Shaq, Barkley, Lebron, Curry, Blake Griffin, Westbrook, Paul George, James Harden, KD, Kobe, Dr. J, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard aka Dame Dolla and more. And how about our Seattle area NBA players like vets “NBA 6th Man Of The Year” Jamal Crawford, Jason “The Jet” Terry, Spencer Hawes, Avery Bradley, Ishiah Thomas and more from our area.

So having said all that. Because of my love of the NBA and my city of Seattle of course not having a NBA team when Bennett bought our Sonics and moved them to dust town OKC, I am going to have my “Sports Inner City TV” webcasts to feature ONLY NBA news and views and highlights. Starting with the pre-season. There is always something going on in the NBA that makes news.

Of course I will not cover everything but I will cover a couple of stories every webcast and more right here on “Sports Inner City Online”. And will have a hip-hop/r&b or pop music video on the webcasts too! The webcasts can be viewed WORLDWIDE via your smartphone, tablet, mac or pc. If you have a business and would to advertise with us please contact me at 206-445-3989 or via email at or via Twitter at or via Facebook at  Run ads for $20 for a 30sec or longer commercial. You can also run a banner on our site for $50 a month.

This will be fun doing the webcasts, not work. Hope to conduct Skype interviews with NBA players in the future. And hook up with ex NBA players for interviews too on “Sports Inner City TV” webcasts. So spread the word everybody who loves the NBA like I do!!

Gordon Curvey

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Richard Sherman Gives Statement On Police Killings & Leaves

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

As we know sports and politics and just being a African American or a person of color has mixed together the last month or so. As we know it has been thrown in the national spotlight by 49er QB and former guest on “Music Inner City TV (f) Sports Inner City TV”, Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick started to take a knee of kneel during the national anthem and his protest has spread like wildfire in America. I for one is happy to see this happen because the issue of race and racism is real and it is getting worse sorry to say with Donald Trump running for President of The United States. He has brought the issue of race out in the public eye with his crazy comments.

Guys like Boomer Esiason and Trent Dilfer and Shaquille O’Neal and Jerry Rice and others in the sports world have disagreed with Kaepernick’s stand to discuss the issue of police shootings of unarmed African Americans and people of color in the United States. Is this because these brothas do not want to get fired by the businesses who pay them to do commercials and marketing? I say yes.

But then there is guys like Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith and Doug Baldwin and sports icons Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jim Brown and others who support what Kaepernick has started. And also a brotha here in Seattle who we know is not afraid to speak his mind on issues of race, Richard Sherman. I am very very proud he is a member of our Seattle Seahawks.

The other day, Sherman who holds a weekly press conference with the media regarding the past Seahawks game and the next game, talked a little bit about the next game with the San Francisco 49ers (Kaepernick’s team), then he shocked everyone by making a statement about African American unarmed men being shot by police.

He made his statement about his team the Seahawks and some members of the team trying to bring awareness to the issue of police killings of unarmed African Americans though different protests around the NFL. Sherman refused to answer any questions about the upcoming game and instead made his statement. Sherman feels all the protests by various players around the league and even outside the league are being ignored.

Richard Sherman said “We need black fathers to be in the community to stay for their kids, but they’re being killed in the street for nothing. For putting their hands on their cars. And I think this is the unfortunate part, that’s the unfortunate place that we’re living in. And something needs to be done. And when a guy takes a knee, you can ignore it. You can say he’s not being patriotic, he’s not honoring the flag, I’m doing none of those things. I’m saying, straight up, this is wrong and we need to do something. So thanks you guys, have a blessed day.” And he then left.

Again I am so proud of Sherman. Here is a question, besides former Seattle Mariner Adam Jones, where are the Major League Baseball players who are African American voices? They are silent. Unlike the NFL players. Have not heard from NBA players yet. Training camps are starting next week and then pre-season games. Will NBA players take a knee etc? Rumors are some will.

The bottom line to me is this. I am happy for Sherman because maybe he is seeing what I have seen about the media here in this city. And that is the lack of diversity in sports media in this city on radio and tv. These situations that Sherman feels is being ignored is because of the lack of color and diversity in this market. So when issues of racism and race pops up, like it always does, you have folks “trying” to discuss a issue they know NOTHING about or as Sherman says, it will get ignored. This is the Seattle/Tacoma sports media.

This is why “Sports Inner City TV” and “Sports Inner City Online” is badly needed. And my goal is to have as many brothas on the Seahawks (would say Mariners but only one African American on the team) and Huskies etc conduct interviews with us. Someone they can relate to and have a understanding with.

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Unfair Treatment Of Seattle Mariner Broadcaster Dave Sims

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon E. Curvey

This story has been building up and building up and now enough is enough in my opinion. It seems a lot of folks do not like the way Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Sims broadcasts games on TV/Radio. I am trying to figure out why?

Some FYI. Dave Sims is the only lead broadcaster who is African American in the three major sports, football, basketball and baseball. So in reality sorry to say he is under a microscope. I think Dave knows this. Because of this microscope, it seems cats want to jump on Twitter and put Dave on blast. It has got worse lately and I am not happy about it. Dave is one of the nicest fellas you can meet and is a role model.

Dave is a role model for young inner city kids who want to be in broadcasting when they get older. Heck their are not to many African American male role models on TV in the Seattle/Tacoma market. There is Warren Moon, Steve Pool, Essix Porter, Jesse Jones, Dave Sims and myself. That’s about it. This is sad. Seattle/Tacoma radio and TV market is a Top 15 market but for some reason their is not to many African American males on TV. Plenty of African American females, not males.

I am proud of Dave Sims. I consider him a friend. And in my opinion he is a great broadcaster. He does also calls football too. One thing he does and I am very happy about is when ever he can, he brings up the fact that young inner city African American kids are not playing baseball like back in the day. And he also talks about African American players of the past and also the lack of African Americans in MLB currently as players and managers.

Folks get on Twitter and say “Sims SUCKS”  and more. This morning on local sports radio KJR, Mitch Levy said “Last night I had the game on TV and listening on radio” That was a subtle blasting of Dave Sims. I caught what Mitch was saying. It was a dig at Dave Sims. Dave Mahler also on KJR made a subtle criticism of Sims.

One guy on Twitter (Steve Sandmayer) who blasted Sims is a guy who was formally a sports jock on KJR and another smaller sports station. This cat cannot hold a job in sports radio and now is doing a sports podcast. When he was on radio, in my opinion I thought he was terrible!! BUT he has the nerves to talk negative about Sims!! GIVE ME A BREAK READERS!! This person needs to stay quiet on another persons style over the air because he was terrible!!

All the Sims haters will not like it but Dave is not going anywhere. So I guess the hating of him will continue. I interviewed Sims recently via Skype from his hotel room in Arlington, Texas when the Mariners was in town to play the Rangers. We discussed his career and more including a health scare he had. The interview will air soon on “Music Inner City TV (f) “S.I.C -TV”/Comcast-Xfinity On-Demand/all west coast markets of Washington State-Oregon and California/go to “get local” and then “inner city tv”

The haters will continue to hate on Dave Sims but I am not one of them. Sorry to say 99% of the folks hating on Sims are not African American. Ummm I wonder why ladies and gentlemen?

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