Cleveland Cavs Make Major Big Time Moves! Will It Work?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Everyone who follows NBA hoops know that the Cleveland Cavs needed to make moves and make moves now. They were heading downhill real fast. Getting blasted by terrible teams like the Orlando Magic and others.

And Lebron James at 33 and a free agent after the season is not used to long losing streaks. But it was happening and Cavs management had to act and act quickly. And sports fans they did big time!! All of a sudden the Cleveland Cavs have got much younger and for their superstar James and Cavs fans hopefully better.

The Cavs picked up Jordan Clarkson and big man Larry Nance Jr. from the Los Angeles Lakers. Plus the Cavs picked up Rodney Hood from the Utah Jazz and point guard George Hill from the Kings. Sent packing from the Cavs are Seattle/Tacoma area native and former UW Huskies star Isaiah Thomas and Joe Crowder. Plus Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose and also Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert. WOW this is off the chain folks!!

As a Seattle-Tacoma area dude, I hate to see IT getting traded again. IT has had a very rough last year. His sister passing, hip operation and two trades. And IT going public with his feelings about Kevin Love and the problems with the Cavs. But the bottom line is IT and Lebron and the Cavs just was not a good match. Was it because Thomas is not fully recovered from hip surgery? I say yes. But the Cavs cannot wait for IT to get better.

So he was sent to the Lakers. And this is another problem waiting to happen. Because word is IT will not start with the Lakers and IT does not want to come off the bench. And also word is Thomas just will not fit into Magic Johnson and Lakers long term plans. So what will happen with Thomas? We will have to see.  This will be interesting to watch.

Also Lebron’s best friend D-Wade was sent back to a team that he should have never left..Miami.  This is a great move by Pat Riley and the Heat. It is obvious Riley and D-Wade have talked about their differences and now D-Wade is a member of the team he should have never left. And Wade will for sure help the Heat in the East.

The Cavs picked up Rodney Hood who many of you most likely do not know about. But Hood can ball ladies and gentlemen. He can create his own shot too. And the Cavs were trying to obtain George Hill for weeks but now they have him. Hill is a good player. Clarkson and Nance Jr. are good players and both are around 25 years old. Both are athletic and can run. Nance can rebound and can block shots too. These players are good parts to put together in a Cleveland Cavs puzzle to hopefully for them return to the NBA Finals.

I know Lebron will miss the friendship of Channing Frye but the NBA is a business and Lebron and Frye understand that. Lebron is not worried about missing D-Wade. He said he sees Wade all the time and for sure during the off season.

It will be interesting to see what happens with a former MVP in the NBA Derrick Rose. Many think Rose can still be a really good player and I think so too. He has of course been hurt a lot in his NBA career. But when he is not hurt at times Rose looks like the “old” Rose. Driving to the basket and even hitting shots from the outside. Ummm I wonder what Kyrie Irving is thinking now?

So it will be very very interesting to watch the Cavs and their new players and it will be very interesting to see what happens to IT. Will the moves help keep Lebron in Cleveland or will he still bolt to LA? This is why I love the NBA. It is my favorite sport by far. Very very sad our Seattle Sonics are not here anymore so we can discuss who the Sonics traded or picked up at the trade deadline.

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Why Does Skip Bayless Hate Lebron James?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I did a article last week concerning the problems with the Cleveland Cavs and their terrible record the last month or so. Something is big time wrong and it is getting worse. Anyone who watched a recent game can see just that.

Some people are pointing the finger at Kevin Love. Some are pointing at Coach Lue. And believe it or not some are pointing the finger at the great Lebron James. There is even reports some teammates might have a problem with James looking to increase his assist total for games. To me people who criticize Lebron need to shut up and that includes motor mouth Skip Bayless!

For years Bayless has used his platform to put James on blast when ever he can first on ESPN and now Fox Sports. For some unknown reason Skip Bayless likes to pick Lebron game apart on a regular basis. He says James misses free throws in clutch time. He is full of himself. Bayless says Lebron does not make teammates better. Lebron is not as good as KD and more.

I just do not understand why Bayless hates Lebron. It makes no sense. I don’t know if it is just a game Bayless is playing to gain publicity and headlines and ratings.

Truth be told Lebron James is the best player in the NBA and has been for years. At 33 he is having one of his best years. He is playing a lot of minutes each game which even me wonder why about but that is the way Coach Lue wants to play James the last few years so Lue can take the blame for that.

James just became the youngest player ever to score 30,000 points. Congrates to LB!! Can he catch “The Captain” Kareem? Who knows but maybe he can. We will have to see. I think he has a chance.

For Skip Bayless to belittle James being the youngest player to reach 30,000 points is just plain wrong and very stupid. Lebron at 6-8 250 or 260 is freak of nature. A high school phenom who has lived up to all the hype he had when he left high school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. By the way Lebron’s son, Lebron Jr. may soon became another high school phenom!!

And James is a great businessman off the court. And we do not hear about James getting in trouble with the law, hanging out in clubs at 2am etc. James is at home with his lady and kids. So again why Bayless hates Lebron is beyond me. Here is a idea. Bayless should invite LB to be a guest on Bayless and Shannon Sharpe’s Fox Sports 1 sports talk show. Instead of blasting James behind his back talk to him face to face on national tv. Until that time Bayless needs to shut the hell up and stop the hate against James.

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Too Many Three Point Shots In Basketball Pro/College

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I love the game of basketball. It is my favorite sport followed by football. When the NBA and college season comes to a end I go into a sports depression. Thank god for NBA TV!! It has NBA news and games all year long!

But as a basketball junky I am really bothered by something and if you are a true hoops fan you should be bothered by this too. And that is too many three point shots by players in college and the pros. Of course in college the three point line is much shorter from the hoop than in the NBA. But it seems it is not making a difference. Too many three point shot attempts.

Readers too many times I see a player drive to the basket and has a easy 15 or 16 ft shot in college/pros. Instead of taking the easy shot the player will pass back out to a teammate who is beyond the three point line for a shot attempt.

Sports fans WHY are college and pro coaches allowing this to happen? It should not happen in my strong opinion. Sorry to say this three point shot barrage got worse in basketball because of one player…Golden State guard Steph Curry. Of course Curry takes hella three point shots during a game. And a lot go in. The other day Curry made 10 three point shots for goodness sake!

But as a lover of the game of basketball, I have a problem with all the three point shots by Curry and many other players. Hell Curry will pull up from just beyond the freakin half court line!! I guess Head Coach Steve Kerr does not have a problem with this because many of Curry’s shot attempts of course goes in.

Former NBA head coach and current NBA analyst Mark Jackson used to have a problem with all the three point shots saying young youth want to pattern their game after Curry and go to the gym and practice nothing but three point shots. Not a good look.

Let’s hope head coaches in college and the pros get hip to all the three point shots and tell their players to drive to the basket or take a pull up 15 foot jumper instead of passing out to a player for a long three point shot. In my opinion this is not good basketball. Young kids are being shown the wrong way to play the game. All the three point shots by players are messing up the game of basketball. Do you feel the same? Leave a comment.

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Sports Radio KJR Problems Of Diversity Unlike 710 ESPN/Seattle

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

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Some of you may know I have been very outspoken about the word DIVERSITY. For years I have spoken out about the lack of diversity of sports radio KJR here in Seattle, Washington. Readers it is a huge problem in my opinion. And so I try to make my thoughts known.

KJR has been on the air for over 26 years. And sorry to say the ONLY African American who has had a regular program is Jerry Brewer. Who was on for awhile and left Seattle for a position back east in Washington D.C.

Now KJR is back to where it was before Brewer came on board. All white hosts on a regular basis day and night. In my opinion this is a huge problem that KJR management does not seem to care about.

Dick Fain, Dave Mahler, Ian Furness and Chuck and Puck. And at night on Fox Sports Radio all white hosts. Readers here is a question for you guys. When I walk in downtown Seattle are the people I see all white? How about this. Are the fields and courts of U.S. filled with all white players and coaches? The answer of course is NO!! So why is KJR hosts day and night all white?

Many many times the conversation turns to race and racism over the air. A topic the all white hosts on KJR just CANNOT relate to or understand unless the experience it like I have every day in America when I walk out my door in the early morning for my job as a Adult School Crossing Guard with the Seattle Public Schools.

NOTHING bothers me more than listening to a studio full of white folks trying to give their opinion on race/racism. This has happened time and time again for over 26 years on sports radio KJR here in Seattle.

A few months ago KJR host Chuck Powell gave his opinions on Micheal Bennett of the Seahawks and his protests in supporting QB and former guest on my tv show Colin Kaepernick and the anthem. I feel Powell stepped over the line in his blasting of Bennett and I was not feeling it at all. So Powell was doing a Mariners remote in downtown Seattle.

I decided to get my car keys and drive downtown to confront Powell face to face. I waited for a station break and walked into Jimmy’s on 1st here in Seattle and told Powell how I felt about his unfair and even racist comments regarding Bennett.

Of course Powell did not like my actions but that is OK. Sometimes a email or text is not enough to try to get your point across so I did what I had to do. Powell continues to criticize Bennett over the air so it is still a problem. Again this is why more diversity is needed on sports radio KJR. It is a old problem that is not getting any better. Having “The Barbershop” on once a week with Tru and Terry and having Tony Softli and NFL Hall Of Fame member Walter Jones on once in awhile ain’t enough.

There is another sports radio station here in Seattle in 710 ESPN. When they first started it had a all white regular on air staff like KJR so I called  program director at the time Mike Salk and general manager Dave Pridemore about the situation.

Unlike KJR’s GM Rich Moore, Salk and Pridemore communicated with me via social media or email and the phone. Moore has refused to return my calls or respond on social media. Might of fact, KJR hosts Ian Furness, Chuck Powell and Jason Puckett, Dave Mahler a person of color Slick Hawk have put FLAT OUT STUPID blocks on me via Facebook, Twitter and emails!! They want try to quiet this African American man down in yours truly.

Anyway, Salk left Seattle to return to WEEI in Boston where he originally came from. WEEI is one of best sports radio stations on radio by the way. But a on-air/pd position came open at 710 and Salk came back.

Of course I would like that on air position to be filled by a African American. But it was not. It is called “the good ole boy network'” in the media. If you are white and no someone you have a good chance on getting employment.

When Salk came back to Seattle he told me to be patient and would try to obtain a African American to be on the air on a regular basis. GM Pridemore said the same. And guess what readers? A African American was hired in Gee Scott.

Scott was a member of “The Barbershop” crew but somehow he broke off from Trufant and Terry and ended up on the air on 710 ESPN on a regular basis. Even though in my opinion Scott is “afraid” to discuss issues of racism/race as a black man on the air. Scott is NOT a broadcaster!! Dude was washing cars and doing a podcast.

I asked him why in a text why he was afraid to talk about race or racism on the air, Scott then sent me a text back ripping me and CALLING ME EVERY DEROGATORY name in the dictionary and this is no lie!! Truly truly sad. And like I said he put a block on me.

SCOTT WOULD NOT HAVE A JOB GETTING A REGULAR PAY CEHCK ON 710 IF IT WAS NOT FOR ME!!!! REAL TALK!! He would be washing cars like he was doing and still be a member of the “The Barbershop”. Pridemore told me he was sorry on the behalf or 710 over Scott’s actions towards me. But that did not make me feel better regarding the terrible names Scott called me. He has never said he was sorry to me.

So readers KJR had a opportunity to hire a African American BUT Brewer left to go back east in D.C. for a job, Moore decided to pair Chuck Powell and Jason Puckett  up for the “Chuck and Puck” show. Which by the way might be the worst name of a program in radio history!

GM Rich Moore it seems is satisfied for now to have sports radio KJR with a all white day and night regular on air staff. room/locker room at Seahawks games and cover training camp and also attend batting practice at Safeco Field to interview African American MLB players. By the way Powell obtained his job at KJR in my strong opinion though the “good ole boy network” I mentioned earlier!!

My goals of “Sports Inner City” is covering African Americans/people of color with mainly positive information from on and off the courts and fields. And I started “Sports Inner City/Off The Court” covering a topic sports radio period in Seattle refuses to discuss and that is the NBA and also what NBA players are doing off the court. NBA is not discussed because KJR and 710 has said since the Sonics are no longer in town (god willing they will return before I get to old) they will not talk about the NBA. BUT I WILL READERS!!


How Will Seattle Media Handle NHL Fights?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

I watched the Seahawks vs Jacksonville game like many other Seahawks fans. Of course the Hawks loss 30-24 in Jacksonville. It was a very physical and rough game. That was for sure. Some say the refs called a terrible game.

Every time a Jacksonville player on D went after Russell Wilson and hit Russ I worry that Wilson will not get up like many other QB’s in the NFL. So far Russ continues to get up after a hard hit. In my opinion Russell Wilson should be the MVP if the vote was today.

They really did not suffer as far as the standings go because the Rams also lost. This sets up a big game at Century Link here in Seattle between the Seahawks and Rams. This the second meeting with the Hawks winning in L.A.  The Seahawks are now 8-5. But the Hawks suffered more injuries during the game with KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner leaving the game after getting hurt.

The Seahawks were already without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril on D. Jimmy Graham was barely targeted in the first half and even the second half. Yes he dropped another pass. And our FG kicker missed a easy 38 yard field goal. This should not happen sports fans!

The Seahawks are praying that Wright and Wagner can play vs. the Rams. Lord knows the Hawks do not need any more guys down. But we also know about what happened near the end of the game.

The Seattle sports media and the national sports media also said the Seahawks Micheal Bennett started a semi brawl near the end of the game in Jacksonville but here is the truth. Bennett did NOT start a semi-brawl. The sports media said Bennett rolled on a Jacksonville’s players knees. But that is not the truth readers. Bennett when after the football when Jacksonville’s center snapped the football to the QB. The video shows this is the case! Coach Carroll is supporting Bennett too.

But the media still put Bennett on blast. Saying he started a problem on the field. Sports radio KJR host Chuck Powell blasted Bennett over the air saying Bennett did this and he did that. Powell has put Bennett on blast before. It got me so upset a few months ago, I grabbed my keys and went to confront Powell face to face while he was doing a remote broadcast here in downtown Seattle. Powell was wrong then and was wrong this week.

Seattle’s sports media has discussed over and over about the “fight” near the end of the game. Saying how Bennett was wrong and how the Seahawks player was wrong for trying to go into the stands after a few crazy Jacksonville fans went threw stuff at the Seahawks player etc. Readers here is a question.

What is going to happen when the NHL rolls into Seattle to play in our new arena? Of course in the NHL, their are vicious fights on almost a daily basis on Sports Center on ESPN. Fists are flying, teeth are being knocked and blood is on the ice at NHL games. HELL most NHL players have lost a lot of teeth because of fights on the ice!! For some reason fighting is somehow “accepted” by the fans of the NHL. Are they ever called “thugs” like African Americans when they get into a problem on the courts or fields? A African American in the NFL or NBA can throw ONE PUNCH…..HE IS CALLED A “THUG” HELL NO!!

I wonder how the white hosts on KJR and 710 ESPN will handle the mainly white NHL players when they get into big fights on the ice? I cannot wait to see. This should be very very interesting.

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