My Tremendous Respect For Micheal Bennett Has Grown

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Ladies and gentlemen as a African American I have seen too many brothas and sistas who obtain fame and money and then forget where they have come from quickly.

People like in my opinion Micheal Jordan and others.

Afraid to speak up on social issues, black on black crime, unarmed African Americans being shot by police and more!!

There are too many of my race who are afraid like Shaquille O’Neal. But one brotha who has obtained wealth but has not forgot his roots is Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett.

I have grown to respect Bennett and Lebron James and former guest on my program unsignd QB Colin Kaepernick and also our Seahawks Richard Sherman and have always respected big time Kareem Abdul Jabbar and of course the late great Muhammad Ali and Seattle area resident the great Bill Russell more than any other sport African American athletes. Micheal Bennett just signed a huge extension with our Seahawks.

But readers money and fame has not changed MB. Not at all. For this I have gained tremendous respect for Bennett. More than any other current sports star besides Lebron and Kap and Sherman.

Truth be told readers I have for some reason been blocked for what ever reason in obtaining a short interview with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman, who is another man who is not afraid to speak up on social issues. But what gets me mad is when I see Sherman and Wilson doing interviews with other media BUT not “Sports Inner City” Maybe one day it will happen. Seahawks are listening?

But NEVER has Micheal Bennett said no for a interview. Never! He always makes time for my interview. This I respect him for greatly ladies and gentlemen. MB is a man who has NOT forgot his roots.

MB takes time to go to schools in the inner city and talk to young kids about staying in school and getting a good education and staying off of drugs and staying out of gangs and more. Things as many of you know I discuss ON EVERY PROGRAM I HAVE PRODUCED SINCE 1990. Every guest is asked to speak to the youth as the last question.

This guy Bennett does not have to go talk to kids and speak out about Black Lives Matter or speak out in support of African American candidate for Mayor here in Seattle Nikita Oliver and yes, speak out in support of his friend QB Colin Kaepernick who as we know is not signed as a QB at the time I type this which is FLAT OUT WRONG!!

Others sit back and play and count their money and drive Mercedes and big boats etc. Yes MB most likely does that too BUT he makes time to give back. He is what you call A ROLE MODEL ladies and gentlemen.

Now we have this terrible problem in Las Vegas. Bennett was thrown to the ground by Vegas police. Saying he may be a suspect in a alleged shooting that turned out their was not a shooting. This incident happened after the Mayweather/McGregor fight in a casino.

Bennett did what any of you would do if he heard possible  gun shots…he took off.  Here is the question readers WHY did the Vegas police stop and treated MB in the way they did? Was he targeted because he was a huge black man with a “Muslim” looking beard well I say yes I think he was. I even think the Vegas police knew who MB was.

I say this because I just checked out this crazy statement by a police union in Vegas where this guy said in a statement that Bennett “disrespected” the American flag. This person said this of course because of Bennett refusing to stand for the anthem before Seahawks games.

This comment is just fanning the flames of this situation in Vegas. We black folks in America know about the mistreatment we have received by the police in America. We know about hundreds of African Americans who have been shot by police with NOT ONE BEING CONVICTED IN THE LAST 5 TO 10 YEARS. NOT ONE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BOYS AND GIRLS!

I am so happy Bennett was not added to the list of African Americans who have been shot and then a policeman or lady would serve ZERO time in prison.

This incident in Vegas will only make Micheal Bennett stronger AND ME stronger as a black man in racist America. MB does not know how he has effected me. When I see MB speaking it makes me happy to see a strong, intelligent African American NFL player and a leader in trying to make folks think about how African Americans and people of color are treated unjustly in America.

So I just  want to say a big THANK YOU to our Seattle Seahawks Micheal Bennett. A true African American man and role model and oh I forgot a damn good football player!!!

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Colin Kaepernick Not Being Signed Is A Damn Shame!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

At the time I am typing this blog, QB Colin Kaepernick has not been signed by a NFL team. This is a outrage readers. A dirty shame and of course this falls at the feet of the all white NFL owners.

We all know what Kaepernick did. He took a knee numerous times during the national anthem before NFL games. As a result he is being blackballed by the NFL owners for his actions.

This is crazy!! This is nonsense!! This is wrong!! As a sports fan this really bothers me. And going online and reading comments by current and ex NFL players Kaepernick has a lot of support. A whole bunch of support all over the NFL and out!

Guys like Seattle Seahawk players Micheal Bennett and Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin think Kaepernick should have been signed by now and that he has been blackballed by the NFL owners, They are right!! What is going on with Kap is the epitome of racism by the NFL owners and exclusion by the NFL owners. These are JUST PURE STRAIGHT UP FACTS!!

Currently their are about 100 QB jobs in the NFL and you CANNOT tell me Colin Kaepernick is not better than 100 of these QBs. You just cannot readers. Something is very very wrong! Hell Mike Vick came out of prison as a damn felon and BAM in a month he had been signed as a QB!! So you want to tell me Kap is not worthy of being signed by a NFL team? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

I heard loudmouth clown Jason Whitlock on Fox Sports constantly put Kap on blast on tv. He needs to shut up and chillout! He and Ray Lewis are just flat out wrong!! They say Kaepernick is not ready to play football. WHAT?? What in the hell are they saying?

Are they watching Kap? Do they know where his workouts are and what he is doing at his workouts? HELL NO!! And look at Colin Kaepernick record last season. Throwing to no names on the 49ers. 16 TDs and 4 interceptions. Not bad ladies and gentlemen.  Again he was throwing to guys no one has heard of. But clowns like Whitlock and Lewis are not talking about this at all!! Future Hall Of Famer Ray Lewis sounded like a buffoon in his blasting of Kap.

Let’s look at the Ravens situation. They need a QB right now. There GM/head coach wants to sign Kap BUT their owner is blocking signing Kap!! This is crazy, this is wrong!! NFL owners are worried about fans turning on the team if they sign Kaepernick!

The Dolphins need a QB. Hell WHY IS THE NAME JAY CUTLER EVEN BEING BROUGHT UP! Except for one year with the Bears he has been basically terrible, not a leader and QB who has thrown hella interceptions!! OK a coach with the Dolphins helped Jay have his best year with the Bears. So what!! Does that mean Cutler should be signed and not Kap? Cutler is freakin RETIRED!!

As Hall Of Famer Mike Irvin said why is Cutler even being discussed over Kaepernick? Again this is crazy and wrong readers. There are plenty of no names who have not done a doggone thing in the NFL but they are in NFL training camps right now and Colin is not signed. Not signed because he took a stand for the benefit of African Americans and people of color being killed by police in the US.

NFL owners need to wake up and smell the coffee. The all white owners need to stop making a example out of Kap. Stop punishing Kap. Again if Mike Vick was signed as convicted felon for dog fighting A MONTH OUT OF PRISON, how come Colin Keapernick a QB who has led his team to the Super Bowl is on the sidelines? Give me a break!! SIGN COLIN KAEPERNICK!!

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Chris Paul Leaving The Clippers To Join Harden In H-Town

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Today is a NBA dream day for us fans. Big time breaking news and it is only June 28th for goodness sake! I go online like I always do to look for content for my websites and BAM!! Breaking news..Los Angeles Clippers star guard Chris Paul is traded to the Houston Rockets!

WOW this is huge news! Paul will team up with NBA All Star James Harden in Houston. Will this be a title for the Rockets I do not think so. The Rockets have to do more. Plus we have to see how Paul and Harden can run a offense on the court at the same time. Both are ball hogs. But Paul is Hall Of Fame type player so we have to see what happens.

The Rockets will send Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, DeAndre Liggins, Darrun Hillard, Montrezl Harrell, Klye Wiltjer, a top 3 protected 2018 1st round pic and $661, 000 to the Clippers in exchange for Paul.

That is a whole lot for Paul who is 33 years old with a lot of miles on his legs. We know it will be very very emotional for Paul to depart the Clippers. But I guess he said to himself he cannot win a title with the Clippers and has a better chance with Houston. But I am not feeling it. Unless the Rocket also obtain Paul George.

In my opinion, if he was going to leave the Clippers why not leave for the Spurs? I think that would have been a better look but anyway no more “Lob City” in L.A. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and Jordan. Of course the Clippers could have paid Paul MUCH more cash but Paul said “I’m out”

Let’s see what other moves the Rockets will make during the off season. Let’s see what the Clippers do to with Blake Griffin. More news to come NBA fans!!

No Diversity As Regular Hosts On Sportsradio KJR

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

For years I have spoken out about the lack of diversity on sports radio KJR here in Seattle. And I will continue until GM Rich Moore takes DIVERSITY serious. For which he is not.

In more than 26 years sports radio KJR has had a all white regular on air staff except for a few years when Jerry Brewer was hired. He was hired because of myself and former Seattle NAACP chairman and my good friend Carl Mack had meetings with KJR/KUBE 93 management regarding the lack of diversity and treatment of African Americans over the air.

But Carl left Seattle I was left alone on a island to monitor KJR. Sorry to say things have got worse. Like Carl Mack, Brewer obtained another job back east and left Seattle. And KJR went back to all white regular on air staff day and night. In the morning Mitch Levy, followed by Chuck and Puck, followed by Ian Furness and then Dave Mahler.

At night KJR has Fox Sports Radio on it’s station with more white hosts in Jason Smith and Ben Maller.  Of course the all white hosts do a good job in blasting African Americans in the sports world at will hiding behind their microphones. They will say crap behind the microphone that of course they would NOT SAY IN THE BLACK MAN OR LADIES FACE!

The hosts on a regular basis put Seahawks Richard Sherman and Micheal Bennett on blast and other African Americans like Cam Newton. Hell, KJR even had a damn poll asking “Is Cam Newton A Asshole” Click the link below.

MLB Games Are Too Long And Boring

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Sports fans here is something that really bothers me big time. It is the length of a regular nine inning MLB game. Folks in my opinion something is very very wrong and the commissioner has to act on this problem right now.

Something is wrong with MLB games that last more than three and a half hours. It is a problem. I think I have some ideas that MLB needs to put in effect as quickly as possible. There needs to be a pitchers clock. Twenty seconds for the pitcher to pitch his next pitch to a batter. This will cut down on pitchers messing around on the mound etc. He can get the ball from the catcher and get ready for the next doggone pitch! A clock is needed!

Also here is another problem sports fans. Guys like our own Robinson Cano messing with his batting gloves EVEN WHEN HE TAKES A BALL!! Why is he and many other MLB players doing this? It is slowing down a already slow game.

Then their is another problem in my opinion. Too many visits to the mound by managers, pitching coaches and catchers to talk to a pitcher. It should be a limit to how many visits a team obtains each game. Also the four ball rule needs to go when a pitchers walks a batter on purpose.

The game of Major League Baseball is living in 1954. This is 2017!! Get rid of the “corny” 7th inning stretch where fans are asked to sing “America The Beautiful”  GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK!!  Get rid of it!! And now umpires take time from the game to look at a tight play. Something needs to be done about that too.

Young inner city African American kids are turning away from the slow and boring game of baseball by age 12. These are facts! Just go look at the make up of a high school team in any major city. The team is basically all white. Also look at college baseball. It is only 2.8% African American. Let me repeat..only 2.8% African American. This is sad. Look at the NCAA World Series. ALL WHITE TEAMS!

This is going on because young inner city kids think baseball is slow and boring. With players wearing their pants up to their knees etc. The commissioner of MLB needs to make immediate changes to the game if he plans on attracting young African American kids to the game. If not young African Americans will continue to turn to hoops and football by age 12 or 13. Sad folks.